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Friday, 18 December 2009

100th post!! a giveaway, and other bits and bobs!

Wow... i can't quite believe i've reached 100, posts that is!!! I thought i'd be doing well to do a dozen or so!! I haven't done many lately for reasons you will all understand - rushing around like a headless chicken, trying to do all shopping, cleaning, etc. to make it perfect for christmas - but i have realised that i don't do perfect, so i have calmed down,written endless lists and decided to chill out!
Here are a few pics, in random order as blogger is playing up, which i took this morning, and which make me feel very christmassy indeed! The one with me in it shows how bl...y freezing it was!!! The little horse tree dec is one Em picked to add to our stash and she decorated the tree whilst we watched, and sang to, Love Actually!

As its my 100th post there will be a giveaway and all those who've commented on my last couple of posts and this one will be included and the winner will be announced after christmas. The prize will be either some lovely yarn or some fabric and a few other bits and pieces!

I'd better go now as have just a couple more things to get and as the word 'snow' keeps being bandied about i think i better get a move on.
I just want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and to say thanks for all your lovely comments over the last year. Hope you all have a fantastic time!
Love and hugs

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas market

Well i did remember to take the camera but it was such an awful afternoon - it was chucking it down with rain - not that that deterred many people, or us - it was packed! So here are a few of the better pics.

Some of the pics were taken earlier in the afternoon when the weather was not too bad - i love these old fashioned merry go rounds.
These three were playing lovely carols.
gorgeous scents coming from this stand - lots of citrus and cinnamon.

After a few hours we started to get hungry - there just happened to be a crepe stand nearby and we could not resist having one each - scrumptious, especially when eaten under an umberella!!This is hubby and darling daughter tucking in!
A little bit more market shopping.

Just before we decided it was time to go home we thought we would go and have a look around the new shops that have just finished being built. Most of the shops have not moved in yet but i was sooo happy to see one of my favorite clothes shops - its called All Saints and has some very diffferent designs. But what i thought you might like to see was their window display - it was brilliant

I so wish the picture had come out clearer - but you can see that its all old sewing machines - god knows where they got them all from - there were two windows like this so there were hundreds of them - some of them were broken if you looked closely but lots of them looked intact! I wanted to take one home!
Well thats all, the other pictures are just too dark. We had a lovely time and felt very christmassy!