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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Freezer malfunction!!!

Just typical really - we've had such hot weather lately that my freezer seems to have decided its got heat stroke and packed up!! I had been slowly filling it up with goodies from the garden, broad beans, runner beans, etc and some fruits, plus i still had some raspberries from last summer.

I have managed to stuff my fridge freezer with most of the veg but had absolutely no room for the raspberries - i couldn't bear to think of them going to waste, so for the last two days have been on a jam-making session!!! I don't think i want to look at a raspberry for a while!!!

My cupboard is 'jam-packed' - sorry about the pun!!!! So if any of you run out of jam you know where to come!!!

Winnie decided all this hustle and bustle in the kitchen was too much so took herself off for a nap in my shopping basket!!!


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings - ahhh - a long lie in maybe - a cup of tea in bed - maybe even breakfast in bed if you're really lucky!!!

So why is it, when having looked forward to the above, i'm wide awake at 7 this morning - any other morning i could quite happily turn over and go back to sleep!! Sod's law!!!!


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bits and pieces

Had a lovely Saturday morning in Bath - first i went to the above - it was the first one Bath has done and it was lovely.
There were some really nice stands with lots of goodies and ladies on the stands were all great to chat to! I did make one purchase - it was these vintage pillow shams - i just could not help myself - they are going to be cut up to make some cushions.I have been quite busy this weekend, trying to finally finish some of my quilts - i'm nearly finished binding this flannel quilt - which i have been snuggling under unfinished!!!
I bought the binding fabric in my favourite quilt shop and i also just happened to pop these in my bag too - paid for of course!!! The pink fabric is for sashing my around the world quilt and the other two fabrics will be used in the around the world christmas block swap!!!
Have finally got round to doing some posters for my bunting!

And now am off to do dinner - pudding is already sorted - strawberries and chocolate dreamy dessert - which i did not make - purchased at our local farm shop!!! As you can see someone has already tried it so i better get a move on!!


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Short Break!

Had a lovely short break - and it was 'short' - just left home on Friday midday and came back Saturday afternoon!! Was a spur of the moment thing - just me and hubby - leaving Em and Dan to look after the animals and house!!! We went to Bournemouth which is about an hour away - just ideal! I have not stayed here for years and we decided to stay at the Marriott - a beautiful hotel, with the most amazing, friendly staff, perfect service and a lovely room. So nice to be looked after and waited on - bliss. Sitting outside, looking at the sea, glass of Pimms - perfect! Here are a few pics :-

Bournemouth at night -

Hotel conservatory - had afternoon tea here - heaven!

this was one of the views - the pier and beautiful beach - goes on for miles.

This is our hotel - on the right - and right at the bottom of the pic some gorgeous beach huts - i would love one of those but they are a fortune!!

Could have happily stayed longer!!! Got home feeling very relaxed - all seemed okay - found out that both Em and Dan had forgotten to shut the chicken in during the night (we only have 1 chicken now) but am happy to say she did not get eaten!!! Em had also topped up the horses water that morning but had forgotten to turn the hose pipe off - luckily Dan spotted it and turned it off - it had been going for an hour or so - thank goodness we are not on a water meter!!!

hope you are having a lovely weekend!



Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Around the World Quilt block swap

After a year and two months its arrived!!!! This was my first block swap and was organised by Summer Sadie - its been brilliant fun but not without its hiccups!! I think my quilt got lost once but as you can see it all turned out fantastic! I have just laid the blocks out as i received them so i could have a good look at the various designs and colours and then maybe rearrange them slightly! I can't thank all the lovely ladies enough - all the blocks are just gorgeous and beautifully made. Also a huge thank you to Sadie for organizing this swap, i think its been a lot of hard work and there are still some ladies who have not got their quilts back yet.
So now its off to the sewing room - i should be doing housework but what the heck!!!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Little Cuties!

I've been hoping to take a pic of these little cuties for a few weeks now - everytime they are near the roadside end of the pond i never have my camera!! However a couple of days ago i was about to go through the village and remembered!! As luck would have it, they were right by the edge of the pond. So i pulled up alongside, they didn't seem to mind, and took a couple of pics. I could have sat there for ages just watching them but didn't want to upset mum!

This lovely pond is in a nearby village - it is just gorgeous and so well looked after - the village has loads of lovely cottages and a large manor house - i always expect to see Miss Marple out for a stroll! It would make a perfect St Mary Mead!!!

Have a lovely weekend.