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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Busy Day

Years ago Sundays, apparently, used to be a day of rest!! Not any more! Am sat on settee feeling cream crackered! Started off at 8ish this morning making sure hubby got up in time to go to golf! Now, is it just my hubby, or is it a man thing , that he has to get me to get him up 'cos he just doesn't hear the alarm!
Anyho, breakfast followed, then getting horses in, feeding, haying, poo-picking - quick change and then rode my mare, rthen went out on my bike with Em and her horse Pye, lovely ride round the village - few hills, couple of stops to get my breathe back and off again! Finally went on a shortish walk whilst Em rode the naughtly little chestnut pony - he's soo spooky he manages to frighten himself! Lunch was a very quick snack, then i decided to have a quick tidy up- only got as far as the sewing room and got sidetracked!
Have various little piles of fabric for projects on the go- at the moment am working on Summer Sadie's neighborhood swap - my blocks are all cottages

have done 5 so far - some embellishing left to do and then on to the next four!

Next i decided to make some scones for tea later - well they have not made it that far - about an hour ago they were spotted!

and then they were, nearly, all gone!

Finally, before i sat down, i popped out into the garden and picked some daffs - i love it when i can just pick flowers from my own garden - roll on summer and sweet peas! However the fressias are giving out a heavenly scent which is lovely!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


Monday, 22 March 2010


Its chucking it down with rain at the moment and so these two have decided to snuggle up on an old quilt!

But its Winnie who seems to having the most fun - playing hoop-la with my quilting hoop! I literally just finished doing a bit of handquilting and put the hoop to the side, popped out to make a cuppa, and when i came back in she had decided to make herself comfortable inside the hoop!

I didn't have the heart to move her!


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beautiful morning!

Just had to share this -such a beautiful morning here - one of those hazy sunshine, birds singing, lovely warm mornings that hopefully there will be more of - although not for a while apparently! It's one of those mornings that actually makes you want to get out of bed - i was going to say leap but its a while since i've done that!!!! So far i've done breakfast,put some washing on, fed the chickens, hayed up the horses and poo picked and taken the dogs for a walk - Lilly was not too impressed at marching round the field this early but a few barking sessions at the pheasants soon cheered her up!

Next its a quick change and am off to meet up with the lovely Trash for tea and cake, and a bit of crochet/knitting!!

Hope you have a lovely day!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Busy bee!!

Goodness its been a busy week! Hope you all had a lovely Mothers' Day! I was lucky enough to receive some scrummy chocs and a dvd - i wanted to see this film when it came out but as usual just didn't get round to it! My eldest son bought me a book token, which he thinks is totally boring, but knows that i love - however he drove all the way over on Sunday afternoon and only when he got out of the car did he realise that he'd left my card and present at home!!! The others are never going to let him forget that one!!

I've spent most of my time, when not doing horse stuff - which in the winter months takes up a lot more time!- flitting between several projects -as usual!
A bit of knitting with my favourite yarn - Kidsilk Haze - i just love how soft and light this scarf is turning out and the pattern is soo easy - which suits me!

Bit of crochet - few more squares to add to the blanket - i'm not sure whether to carry on doing more squares or whether to stop soon and just add some borders - what do you think?

As the weather was lovely i did pop in the garden centre to get some seeds - so love this time of year thinking of all the lovely goodies in the garden - assuming they don't get eaten before we can get them!

Have also been doing some hand quilting on this flannel quilt - am doing a giant daisy in the middle of each square!

And, most importantly, all tasks are carried out with lots of the above!
Well i better at least make an effort at some housework - have a lovely week.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Swap parcel

I had a really nice surprise today - a lovely parcel from my swap partner Kathryn who resides at
This Spring/Autumn swap was organised by trashy.
Kathryn had made me a lovely doorstop bag - such gorgeous fabric - Cath Kidson chintz.

There was also a little bear who was very attached to my doorstop!

There was some of her favourite chocolate - which i am just about to sample!

Next there was some gorgeous fabric and beautiful buttons, and some lace.

and it was all wrapped up in this lovely drawstring bag!
Thank you sooo very much Kathryn and also Trashy for organising this lovely swap!


Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Finish!!

I have been trying hard to do my 20 minutes a day - sewing, knitting, quilting or crochet! Its not that i don't want to do it, its just trying to find the time - i seem to have quite a few projects on the go, as usual!! However i have actually finished something - hurray! Trashy had organised a Spring Swap and i was luck enough to be drawn as her swap partner. I had an idea in mind - which i was actually going to make for her birthday, but as usual time shot past and i didn't get round to it! However once the swap was announced i knew exactly what i was going to make! So here it is, all wrapped up and ready to go!
and this is it - ta-da!!!

Its my version of the Australian flag - i met Trashy for lunch yesterday and gave it to her and she loved it! I soo enjoyed making it for her.
The rest of this week i've been trying to sort out what projects i need to finish and this quilt is one of them - i started it last winter, its flannel fabric and very snuggly. So i have now put my layers all together, basted them and am about to start quilting, just have to sort out which design and this time i'm going to hand quilt it!

This pic does not do the fabric justice, the colours are much better in real life!!
Whilst i was sorting out projects i found one that had been given to me ages ago, its a bag design by Jane Crowfoot and it has intarsia and fairisle - eeek, neither of which i have tried. So i thought as it was there i might give it a go - so if you hear a lot of swearing it will probably be me!!!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Anniversary treat!

It was our wedding anniversary on Sunday and we decided to treat ourselves! We didn't want to go too far so decided on my favourite city - Bath! We booked ourselves into the Bath Spa Hotel - oh my word its just gorgeous - I stupidly did not take any pics but you can look at it on the net.
As we got there just after lunch we decided to have afternoon tea and some sandwiches!

I was slightly confused when this little timer gizmo was placed on the table - the waitress kindly explained that the timers were for the different teas and would tell when they were brewed! Amazing! Never had that before!

We then decided to go for a walk round Bath. I love the buildings in this city and the quirky little places you can find - such as this restaurant!

As you can see it was called 'The Hole in the Wall'!

Just a random shot!
This is one of my favorite views, the weir, and all along the bridge there are some little shops.

We walked for hours and it was lovely and then it was back to the hotel and a lovely dinner. Next morning we went for another walk, round by the Abbey and the Pump House.
Of course you then just have to have morning coffee at the Pump House!

Such a lovely place! Gorgeous cakes! Fully fortified i then spent some time in the lovely Country Threads quilting shop - of course i had to buy some fabric!!!

Well all good things come to an end - so it was time to go home and back to reality and wellies!!!

hope you all had a lovely weekend!