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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Positive thinking!!

Yesterday was sooo miserable - it was chucking it down with rain and i'm so fed up with ploughing through mud - so i decided to list down all the positive and lovely things in my day instead of being an old misery!!!

Firstly was tea and cake with a very lovely friend- although i say tea, she's more of a hot chocolate/J2O kind-of-a-gal!! Such a lovely way to start the day!. Then it was back to reality for a while - pushing wheelbarrow round muddy, sodden paddocks! (even the horses are fed up with this weather!)

However the upside was then coming in to yet another cuppa and a bit of sewing


Then a bit of housework - just to show willing!!! This was interrupted somewhat when tidying up books - i'm easily distracted!!!

Finally in the evening i actually finished something!!!Yay!! My quilt - its definitely not perfect especially as i machine quilted the strips - did not like it very much - and then decided to hand quilt the sashing!

But it will do to snuggle up with!


Thursday, 18 February 2010

This and That

Have been trying to do some crafting every day - no matter how tired i am!!! I must admit that once i've got started the old enthusiam kicks in, but then i go the other way and start trying new stuff! There are sooo many things i want to do - and when i look through some of my books i just wonder when i'm ever going to have enough time!!!
I saw a pattern for the above scarf so just had to start it - in my favourite yarn - KSH!

Then i decided to sort out my unfinished projects - the above quilt being one of them - i put it together early last year but had not got around to adding backing and wadding - so have now done that and then, unfortunately i decided to machine quilt - god knows why as i always hand quilt - well i should have left well alone - i do not like what my sewing machine has done!! However as it is just for me i have decided to hand quilt the sashing and make the best of a bad job!! If nothing else i have learned something from this experience, neither I nor my machine are ready for machine quilting - i need lots more practice!!

Yesterday some yarn arrived - yay!!! Its for my crochet blanket - have so far done 36 squares and am probably going to do another 20 or so!

The next thing i started - this afternoon!!! - is something for a swap organised by Trashy - but i can't tell you what it is as she is my swap partner!!!! But here's a peak!

Well i hope you are all having a good week in spite of the weather - although yesterday was lovely, blue skies and sunshine, if a bit cold! At the moment it is absolutely chucking it down and i don't think Molly will appreciate a walk - especially as she looks so very cosy!!!


Sunday, 7 February 2010

Party and parcels!

Last night was Trashy's --th birthday! It was soo nice to get dressed up for a change, and put the high heels on! Mind you after spending my life in wellies it took me a few minutes to stop teetering about like an idiot! What was also brilliant was that i got to see Mrs Moog, who i had not seen for what seemed like ages, and to meet her lovely hubby! I was also looking forward to seeing the surprise that some of us bloggers had made for Trashy! Below are some of the lovely gifts and cards and flowers that she received

but here is one of her surprises - which she is modelling herself, in the style of 'Wilson'!!

A gorgeous little quilt! And next - the beautiful knitted blanket!

Don't you just love them! i did three squares - but the non fancy ones - several lovely blogging ladies - Julie, Val,Lucy and Michaela made gorgeous squares (if i've missed anyone out i humbly apologise but my memory is crap and when Mrs Moog was telling Trash all the details i missed bits!) and the fantastic Mrs Moog put the quilt together, knitted squares and put the blanket altogether - i don't think she slept for the last three days!!! What a woman!!!

As you can imagine Trash was over the moon - i did get a quick cuddle with the blanket and was tempted to sneak it home!! But it has inspired me to be a bit more adventurous in my knitting and have a go and try and do things like this
So all in all it was a lovely party!

I was also very lucky this week to get a parcel from Jenny. I had commented on the lovely fabric she had used to make some jammies and she very kindly offered to send me some - but not only that she sent me some gorgeous goodies as well !I feel very spoilt - thank you soo very much Jenny!

Well thats it for the moment - except for a little p.s. to this post - which Lesley will love!! When i got home late last night, i stepped out of the heels and into wellies as i had to hay up the horses for the night - Em and I went out to the paddocks with torch and hay only to find that two of the horses had managed to pull out all the electric fencing! So there i was in my gladrags, ankle deep in mud trying to put it altogether by torchlight!! ah my life is such fun!!! Never a dull moment!


Thursday, 4 February 2010

spontaneous day out!

A lovely day out!

(sorry, that's my finger in the way!)

Em and i decided to pop down to Bournemouth last week - i can't remember the last time i went there - probably a few years ago! the reason why? well Em wanted to drive down with me in the car with her as she was going to a concert - the Prodigy- and was worried about finding her way! So we did a dummy run - good excuse really! I don't know why we don't go there more often - out of season its just lovely - easy to park, whole beach to ourselves - as you can see!

To say that it was windy was an understatement - bracing, certainly! But it was fantastic, just to listen to the waves and smell the salt air - however it was freezing!! Definitely blew the cobwebs away!!

We then had a bit of retail therapy and a lovely lunch! It was only a short break but definitely just what was needed!