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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Yarnbombing, stitch and bitch, retail therapy!

I suspect that most of you know about yarnbombing - well as you can see from above our knitting group had a go! It was Tamsyn's idea and i think nearly everyone knitted something! There are already some 'bombed' pots outside Tamsyn's shop
but she decided we needed a bigger target!!! it was great fun and i think it looks great!

One of my favorite parts of the week is when i go to our knitting group - this is Tuesday mornings - the group can be quite small but its soo relaxing and fun! I know if i was at home i would not sit and knit/crochet for a couple of hours during the morning,because i would feel too guilty, looking at all the cleaning, washing, ironing,etc.!

Also its a good excuse for some retail therapy especially when there's a sale on!
A cuppa, some biscuits and just a few small purchases!!! doesn't get much better!

The around the world quilt blocks are coming thick and fast this week i think as various members come back from hols - here's one i did yesterday - i did cheat a bit as the original has proper patchwork circles - but not having as much time as i'd like i did an applique version - just got to stitch round it now

I just love the fabrics - i got them when Trashy and i went on a day out from here - its only a small shop but gorgeous fabrics and lovely buttons.

Well better get on now, Em and I have to go and pick up her horse Pye as its not working out with the lady who has him on loan - such is life!

I leave you with a pic of Molly who decided to be very nosy whilst i was messing about with the camera!

She's such a wally!!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Getting going!

Feels like its been ages since i did a proper post. I think sometimes when you stop for a while its nice to have a little break and just read and comment on all your lovely blogs! Also not having a working camera has been a bit of a nuisance. Have borrowed hubby's for the moment and am quite liking it!

On my around the world quilt swap i have been forgetting to take pics as have been more concerned with getting them done and sending them on so there's not too much of a delay! However here are two that i have made, can't remember who for tho!
actually, its just the one pic as blogger is playing silly b.....s and won't let me upload the other one!

I finally finished my pincushions for the swap and sent them on with a few goodies included

so fingers crossed they have arrived safely!

Talking of parcels, i had the most lovely one arrive yesterday containing this amazingly beautiful bracelet

its made by the lovely Emma Silverpebble. I am so thrilled with it - the two extra charms i asked for are amazing - if you go to her blog you will get a better pic as mine does not do it justice. Thanks Emma, and i think your idea of Do Your Own is just perfect! Will make lovely gifts.

Well thats all for now, am off fruit picking as i seem to have developed an obsession for jam making - so far have made blackcurrant - which was such a pfaff! - and strawberry and gooseberry - which was okay, but i did half and half which although made the jam set beautifully, does not have a strong enough strawberry taste for me, so next time i think i will do it as two-thirds strawbs and a third gooseberry.

hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Friday, 3 July 2009

The Winner is......!

This is a very short post, but will be having a catchup soon, once i can work out how to get pics off hubby's camera and onto my computer!!!


No prevaricating.................

Straight to the point..................

no beating around the bush..................

in so many words.....................

what i mean to say is.............................

The winner of my blogoversary give away - after putting names in basket, giving good shake and diving in blindfolded..................

the winner is................................. MOOGSMUM!!!!!!


Hi Lesley, will be emailing you soon for your address, which i seem to have lost, and then a parcel will be winging its way to you with some goodies!!! Will post pic of said goodies when they are on their way to you !

Thank you girls for all your lovely comments!

have a lovely weekend!!