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Friday, 28 May 2010

Slight Mishap!!

I thought things were going too well - i was having a very productive afternoon -
finishing off some bunting orders
leaving me some time to do a little jam making - rhubarb jam - never made it before but as we have rather a glut of the stuff thought i'd give it a go!

Then a bit of baking for the weekend - I say that, but with my family it will probably be eaten today!!!As i said, it was all going well until this happened -

the dishwasher decided to flood the kitchen floor and the cupboard next to it!!! Oh well, good reason to clean out the cupboard i suppose!!
Wishing you all a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

That time of year again!!

The lilac trees are now in bloom and the smell is heavenly. We have made up some pots and put them on the patio - i love the blue pot - its colour reminds me of the mediterranean.

Things are sprouting in the garden - rhubbarb at the back of the pic is going mad as usual! Sprouts, broccoli, runner and broad beans, and beetroot are looking good at the moment. I thought i would take a pic of the garden before the weeds get going!!!
We also have some new neighbours!!!

These two lambs were doing a spot of sun bathing!

This little group kept trying to lick my camera!!!

and these three were giving their mum a hard time by leaping and pinging all over the place!!
I do love this time of year.

Monday, 10 May 2010

socks and quilts!

I know this pic has nothing to do with socks, but just had to take it - been out for a long walk with the dogs, half an hour later this is the result - tuckered out!!!

I came across this pattern book at the weekend and just had to buy it - especially when i saw....

these lovely socks!!! and i wanted a pair!!!
and the best part - they are knitted on two needles!!! Yay!! Now i know all you sock afficionados will think i'm cheating, but this is my limit on the sock front - i don't think i'm cut out for four needles!! But, never say never!
So i chose this yummy yarn - its extra fine merino and its sooo soft! Think i may have to cast on tonight , even tho i have a mahoosive amount of UFOs!!! But, what the heck!!!

One thing i did finish and that was my block for the Christmas around the world quilt swap - this is for Andrea.

am quite pleased with how it turned out and having seen the pics on flickr of what everyone is making i think it will definitely be a challenge!
Have a good week!