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Thursday, 27 November 2008

why, oh why, do i do this every year?!!

Its that time of year again - the deadline seems to get quicker every year! Every year i say to myself i will be more organised and every year i am not! is it just me??

My list seems to be endless so i have started to prioritize - have just finished a neck scarf for a friend, and have started on a scarf for one of my sons' girlfriendssorry pic not very good - its lovely and soft and has ribbon running through it.

whilst looking at fabric i just had to buy this

and then i bought this to make some christmas bunting with

thought i had better stop there, especially on the yarn buying!

i am still working on this tho - for michaela - and hope to send it on by the weekend

have never knitted on circular needles before so that is interesting!

well i had better stop now, dogs are waiting for their tea and the chickens need to be shut in

thought i would leave you with this - i rushed out the other evening and took it because the colours in the sky were awesome


Thursday, 20 November 2008


Chocolate buttercream cupcakes!!

See that space..... that's mine - its on a plate waiting for me with a lovely cup of tea!!! just thought you might want to share in this lovely moment - five minutes peace and quiet! i feel i have deserved this as so far today i have:-

Got up (of course!) fed dogs and cat

let chickens out and fed them

hayed up the horses

fed the sheep (who are very, very noisy in the mornings!)

had breakfast

put washing on

tidied up (very quickly and not at all as good as my mother would like!)

taken my son to college at Dorchester (50 min trip)

quick bit of shopping

taken said son home again (only a morning session!)

very quick sandwich!
put more washing on

poo picked horses (yes, i know, you didn't really want to know that!)

topped up their water

cleaned out chickens

fed sheep

and finally taken dogs out on longggg walk!
and its only half three!

so i think i deserve my cupcake!
I have to add to this that i, unfortunately, did not bake said cupcake - it is courtesy of Waitrose!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Loop the loop and other things!!

i had the most fantastic day on Friday - as you have probably seen from other blogs, there was a bit of a meet up!! (moogsmom, Lucky Locket, Trashcan and Fan my Flame and Ali, Lucy's sister) (have not done the link as i always muck it up!!) it was just great and everybody i met was absolutely lovely! CL Fair was HUGE and sooo many people but just the most gorgeous stands - but i was good and did not dent the credit card - much to my husband's amazement!

I did get this lovely fabric which was a bargain

isn't it just beautiful!! I love a bargain!!

i forgot to mention that on meeting up with the 'girls' they all gave me lovely presents (being a novice i did not know that bloggers did this but will make sure i do next time!)

wasn't i lucky.

Anyway after an exhausting day we then decided to visit Loop which is a small but beautiful yarn shop! i could have stayed in there for ages - such gorgeous yarns - i did buy some and here it is

it feels as good as it looks!!! I also bought the latest Vogue Knitting mag as well!

Sadly after this we had to go our separate ways, trashy and i had a train to catch, but hopefully there will be another meet up!

well thats all for now, have to go and rescue dinner as i am typing this and then rushing into the kitchen to do what needs to be done!

will be back soon when things are not soo rushed!


Sunday, 9 November 2008

just an experiment!

am still having trouble with my post, so this is a bit of an experiment.

am gonna try something and see if it works and also see if i can put some pics on so bear with me!

Sunday, 2 November 2008


my blog has gone haywire!! i need your help.

it will not let me update my blog roll on the right hand side - and when i come to do a post the menu does not come up as usual.

it seems to be stuck on sunday 2nd Nov.

would be grateful for any advice as this is driving me nuts!!

winter is here/frogging!!!

well winter has certainly arrived this week!! its been blooming freezing and yesterday was horrible!!

here i am ready to go out to do the horses - dressed like a michelin man!! or a bank robber!

not a very flattering look but as long as i am wrapped up and warm i'm past caring what i look like and i'm sure the horses/sheep/chickens don't care as long as they are fed!!

they are all happy to come in and have a good feed of hay and a break from the cold and wind and rain!!

the chickens are not happy at all with this wet weather - they can get into their house at any time but i think they are frightened they might miss out on some goodies!!!

Complete change of subject - frogging!!! i had bought some yarn the other week and thought i would knit up a scarf as a present for someone as a quick project inbetween all the other things i'm supposed to be finishing!! something, i thought, i could just do and not have to think about too much! WRONG! This pattern took me ages to get right and i must have frogged about twenty times -- there was all this yarn over, yarn round needle, yarn forward!!! well the yarn certainly went somewhere but not as the pattern it was supposed to be!!! now, i may be wrong, and i'm not an expert, far from it, but i think there was a mistake in the pattern! Now i know a bad workman always blames his tools but i don't think so in this case. However i eventually worked out something and here it is

this is my version and it looks like the picture in the pattern book!!! but it was not a relaxing and stress free project at all!!! but i was determined not to give up!

well this morning at least its stopped raining so i have no excuses not to go outside but i think i might just have one more cuppa and a piece of toast!