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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Here we go again!!

Woke up this morning to this!! Mind you, so did a lot of people! So it was up early to make sure the horses were all hayed up and the ice broken on their water buckets! Then i quickly got some bird feeders out full of nuts and other tasty goodies. Our one and only chicken was definitely not impressed - she popped her head out of her hen house and then quickly popped it back in - not that i blame her! The blithering outside tap is frozen already but i'm hoping it might defrost so i can use it later!

The best bit about this weather is when, having done all outside jobs and made sure all animals cosy and well fed, i go back inside to a lovely warm sitting room, woodburner roaring away, mahoosive mug of tea and some cake.... ahh, bliss!

hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Monday, 22 November 2010


After, what seemed like forever, a long two weeks of not doing much, this weekend kicked off with a trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter - i'm sorry if you are not a fan but i love the books and the films and was certainly not disappointed with this one. It was brilliant and i just wished it could have gone on and on! Why is it that even when you know the story you still jump at some of the scary bits!! Em and i both jumped at one point (one of the snake (Nagini) moments!) but what was even funnier was that the lady next to me jumped a lot higher!!! We then proceeded to get a fit of the giggles at what was a serious moment - we did keep it quiet but it took us a few minutes to get under control!

Saturday turned into a very crafty day with some much needed sewing and knitting and i finally finished my SSCS swap presents - i cannot show you them as the main present does not get opened until Christmas Day but here they are ready for the off.
I love doing surprises and hope my swap partner is happy with what i've made!
On Sunday these two little bundles arrived - don't be fooled by the cute look - Dukes - the one looking at the camera is a whirling dervish and just full of mischief - he growls and hisses at the dogs - they have only been introduced with a partition between them so far but i think i know who is going to be top dog - or rather top cat! Little Miley is much calmer and loves being cuddled. Needless to say they are a pair of time wasters!

Well that's all for now - back to housework - bah!


Thursday, 4 November 2010


How many times, i wonder, have you thought to yourself what bliss it would be to have a few days when you don't have to do anything!! I know i have - in fact i said to my family that rather than spend money on a christmas present i would love it if they did all my jobs for a day so that i could have a pyjama day - obviously it would have to be a wet , windy day, so that i could relish staying indoors,, all snuggled up!

Be careful what you wish for!!! I won't go into details but have had a minor op and for the next few days i have to do .......nothing! Just rest, absolutely no exercise whatsoever. I thought it would lovely, but its not quite turning out that way! I can't sew or knit because it means i am looking down and am not allowed to do that! I can read, but am getting arm ache as i have to hold my book up all the time. To put it bluntly its bloody frustrating!

However i am doing what i'm told in the hope that everything gets better quicker!! I think my lot are hoping for that too as they are all doing my jobs!!!!