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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Snuggle up!

I have to admit to a little bit of envy! I have been reading a few posts regarding things to do when the weather is foul - my favorite being the idea of spending the whole day snuggling under quilts!

O what bliss - to be able to sit here in the warm and the dry, with a lovely fire and do some of this

or just to sit and read, drink cups of tea and possibly occasionally get up and make something to eat!

On a day like this it would be heaven! Woke up this morning to heavy rain and very dull and dismal outside

But hey, never gonna happen! There are a few reasons why not - five horses, three sheep, two dogs, one cat and four chickens!!! I can never just lie in bed in the morning and listen to the rain hammering down - no matter whether its a howling gale, or snowing -don't get me wrong, i'm not moaning! Even when it is doing all of the above i know that they are all waiting for me. I love going outside because i know i'm going to get a lovely greeting - lots of whinnying and baa-ing, with a bit of clucking thrown in! I know its only what my mum would call 'cupboard love' but its lovely all the same! Also there is something immensely satisfying when you've got them all in the warm and dry - even the chickens (mine hate rain!). To stand in the stable with a wet, steaming horse, who has stopped shivvering and who is contentedly munching on some lovely hay, and listen to the wind outside is very satisfying.
When all are happily in the dry , fed and watered then i can go inside for that steaming cuppa and toast and a possible few hours under the quilt, by the fire!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever the weather!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A day out and surprises!!!

Had a lovely day out on Thursday with Trashy, although it was a bit of an adventure!! We decided a visit to Ally Pally - the Knitting and Stitching show -was in order so off we went! We had thought of going by train but the cost would have been mahoosive so Trashy offered to drive us up! I won't go into details but it took us 3 and half hours to get there! Traffic onthe M25 was horrendous and when we got to Ally Pally needless to say we couldn't park and had to drive down to Wood Green to try and find a car park! Luckily, after two goes, we found one and then had to walk a couple of minutes to get the courtesy bus!

If you have never been to Ally Pally, the view when you get there is amazing, you can see over the whole of London and it was a perfect clear blue sky kind of a day so you could see for miles - i'm sorry there are no pics but my little camera would not have done the view justice, you'll just have to take my word for it! But i have to say, its a sod of a place to get to!

Although there were some lovely stands

top one was Loop, and then the Rowan stand - there were not as many small, independant stands as we had hoped!

We did manage to make some purchases though and here are mine

this is a lovely find - self striping alpaca - it is gorgeous and sooo soft and i loved this hat pattern so of course it had to find its way into my bag!!!
and then were were these two lovely yarns (sorry pic bit blurred) I seem to have a theme of pinks and blues going on!!!

There were also some lovely quilting stands, so i just had to buy these
the colours are much better in real life!!!

Its a shame that the catering facilities were rather poor - as i'm always needing tea to keep me going - if you read this post here you will see i was not the only one who thought so.

Some of the exhibits that were on display were lovely, especially the machine embroidery section - here are some that caught my eye
i just the middle pic - brilliant!

Surprises!!!! Yay - i was soo very lucky as last weekend i received two absolutely lovely surprise packages - the first was from Clara

who sent these lovely fabric packs - thank you sooo much! i love them!

The second was from this lovely lady

Marian weaves these beautiful scarves with the most lovely yarns and fibres and i was absolutely overwhelmed with such a generous and beautiful gift. Its all my favorite colours and is sooo soft - i will treaure it always! Thank you again Marian for such an amazing gift.

Well thats all for the moment, hope you have a lovely weekend - the sun is shining at the moment so am going to make the most of it.


Saturday, 3 October 2009

i have a mouse!!

Not a real one you understand - one that, hopefully, will make my life easier - however this is the second attempt at this post this morning as blogger keeps freezing on me!!!

i've been trying to get the old mojo back on track! Following on from the first skirt, which was fairly successful (and i have been wearing it!) i bought this lovely fabric to have a go at another one

its lovely Amy Butler fabric and quite a bold print for me, but have decided to make a short version of this skirt, so hope it works out okay!!!

i have been trying to catch up on the knitting too - my lovely Goddaughter has just had twins, a boy and a girl so thought i'd knit a couple of little hats

this is the one for the little fella, and i'm about to start a pink one!

My crochet bag, which i started ages ago, now has handles!!!

My kidsilkhaze scarf, which, i'm ashamed to say, i started last winter, is coming along and i'm determined to finish it in time to actually wear it this winter!!!

But my main project is one that i was going to start before a certain person went to Uni! unfortunately being me, so disorganised and so short of time, that didn't happen! I decided not to rush it and so it has now become a present for christmas! She loves pink (hated it until she was about 16!) so have picked these fabrics and am trying to decided what quilt pattern to go for!

so that little lot should keep me busy for a while!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!