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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mojo returning!!!

I think trashy has worked her magic, and the crafting is returning! Went shopping in Bath and had to call in my favorite quilting shop, Country Threads, for a bit of retail therapy! recently bought some lovely fabrics there for a new quilt but didn't get enough for the sashing, so here it is

Also bought this pattern as it looked fun and i was assured it was really easy and quick!

knitting mojo has definitely returned! must be these cold evenings! bought some lovely soft yarn in beautiful colours

and a pattern book

am just doing some fingerless gloves and a scarf to start -never used this yarn before!

my kidsilk haze wrap/scarf is coming along

it is sooooo soft, i just love it! might be finished in time for next winter tho!!!

Finally finished my last gift in the stitching angel swap and have sent it on its way:

i hope my swap partner likes it, i have included a few little goodies as well - it has been such fun doing it! I have found out that my lovely angel is called Joy, and i had the last part of my swap come today and its gorgeous and there were some lovely presents as well. So thank you soo much Joy i am very lucky to have had you as my swap partner. (pics will be on next blog!)

Finally, got round to making a pud today - Bread Pudding

yuummmm - had my bit with lashings of custard -not very good for the figure but blooming good for the taste buds!!!
(if any one wants the receipe just let me know - it is sooooo easy to make).
well, that went on a bit!!! time to go i think!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

lost crafting mojo!!

is it just me? I think it might be! i have loads to do, quilting, knitting, stitching, but somehow when the days get shorter and the evenings longer, and you therefore think you have more time in the evening to do the above, all i want to do is curl up by the fire and sleep!!
i think it could be that as my time during the day is shorter i have to cram it all in and work twice as fast!


oh by the way brenda http://pumpkinpatchprimitivesquiltshoppe is having a halloween giveaway!

oooooo... i hope this link is a successful link!! well,, sorry if its not! It is late for me, time i was in bed!!



Monday, 13 October 2008

Lovely surprise!

This is just a quick post - am supposed to be doing the housework!!

Had the most lovely parcel come on saturday from my stitching angel - she has made me the armchair stitching holder - its gorgeous and absolutely perfect as i am always losing my stitching stuff down the side of the settee - which is pretty dangerous for anyone sitting down in my seat after me as i have been known to lose needles!!

lovely wrapping paper!

gorgeous fabric!

beautiful stichery! and some lovely extra goodies!
Thank you sooo much my lovely stitching angel - i still don't know who you are - i need a few more clues!!! Can't wait to find out who you are so i can return your generosity!
Right, back to the washing, ironing, hoovering, mucking out - and, if i'm lucky, some stitching for my partner in the stitchery angel swap as time is getting on and the deadline is getting closer and i'm beginning to panic just ever so slightly!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

double edged sword!!

I have today finally realised , reluctantly, that my 'baby' is all grown up! Today she took her driving test and.... passed!!!

i know you will all understand how this makes me feel - sooo proud of her, on the one hand, and absolutely terrified on the other!!

As soon as we got back from the test centre, she drove herself to work - which is not too far away - i was soo chuffed for her - i can remember when i passed my test and how weird it is to sit in the car and not have someone next to you!

Slight sticking point this evening as she wanted to drive out to the boyfriend's - as she has never driven in the dark before her father put his foot down and said no - she had to drive a few times with someone with her when night driving!

so this duly has happened and off they have gone!

sometimes its hard being a parent!!

(Em last year at Horse of the Year show with showjumper Tim Stockdale)

Thursday, 2 October 2008


i think i may have overdone it a bit!

although its been sunny today, where we are, on top of a hill, its gradually got more and more windy and its got blooming cold!

Outside doing the horses this eve it was freezing!

so i did what i always do when cold - got into a hot bath - boy was it hot! i think i realised i had the water maybe a tad too hot when as soon as i got in i turned pink (not a pretty site!). needless to say i did not stay in too long (what a waste of water i hear you say - oh no hubby getting in later, but we don't want to go there, bless him!) - as i got out i felt a tad wobbly and had to grab a towel and go sit on my bed!!

morale of this tale - don't be an idiot!

just in case you wondered am now feeling okay - very, very warm and toasty!

why is it i wonder that as soon as it starts to get dark early and cold, i just want to stay indoors and snuggle up! I think i should just hibernate, but then i'd miss too much!

that's all really.
just thought i'd pop in a pic - our cat winnie (14) - scary cat!!