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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I would just like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year!!

I've had such fun blogging and i've met (literally!) some lovely people and long may it continue!

Things are slowly coming together - got all decs up now

had a lovely surprise parcel from Marian, the lovely lady i did some stitching angelness for!
its now under the tree and i promise i have not peeked!!!

have nearly finished presents that i am making and even managed to find time to make some of these for friends

food shopping nearly all done, but have not had time to make any cakes yet!!
I have a feeling that these next few days are going to be a bit hectic!!! so this is probably my last post for a week or so, but i will still, i hope, find time to keep up to date with you all.
lots of love

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

lists and more lists!

i think, so far, i must have about 10 lists!!! every day i seem to be making them and adding more things rather than taking any off!! I have lists of things yet to be made, things almost made, things finished (this not as long as it should be!), presents yet to be bought, food and drink to get and so on it goes!!!

Anyway, here are two scarves i have (almost) finished - just need to add some fringing - these are for my sons' girlfriends

so at least i can tick two things off!!!

Em put up the tree on sunday - this pic does not do it credit - she decided on a silver theme this year - and , as usual, we had the Muppets Christmas Carol dvd on at the same time - this has become a tradition over the last few years!

we do have an angel on the top, but i missed her out!!

I had a lovely surprise in the week - a parcel from Joy in Australia

sorry its a bit blurred, but it says do not open til 25th dec - so i am trying to be good and not peek - thank you soo much Joy!

We had a wedding on Saturday - my lovely goddaughter got married - it was a day of mixed emotions really . She looked gorgeous, but the weather was absolutely freezing!! it was definitely love that got her through!

unfortunately my camera skills went out the window - luckily Em took some lovely pics!

Right thats all for the moment, time for hot chocolate and a bit more knitting, and quite possibly, another list!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thank You

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from Em and myself for all your kind and thoughtful comments - they really do mean a lot.

you really are lovely, special friends.


Saturday, 6 December 2008


i don't normally write about sad things and i dont really know why i'm writing this really.

We heard the most awful news yesterday - one of my daughter's loveliest friends was killed in a car accident. A friend of my daughter rang me yesterday wanting to speak to her, but she was at work. i was absolutely dumbstruck - how do you tell your daughter something like that? i was praying that no one had text her during the day. When she came in i took her in my arms and gave her the biggest hug - she asked me what was wrong and said that all her friends had been ringing her but of course she could not answer them as she was working. i told her as gently as i could what had happened. i won't go into detail but you can imagine her reaction.

Grace was her name and she was the most lovely girl - always happy and smiling and bubbly - there is a group of about 6 of them and they always go out together, share each others birthdays and the usual girly things. She was a very talented girl, you name it she could sew it and made herself the most fantastic clothes. She was just 18 and it seems like only a few weeks ago they hired a big limo and went clubbing to celebrate.

My daughter showed me Grace's facebook page last night - there are hundreds of messages on it, some absolutely heartbreaking and we sat and cried together.

When something like this happens it puts all else into perspective but it also made me want to hold my daughter and never let her go, but life is not like that.

My heart goes out to Grace's Mum and her family and i cannot begin to imagine how they are coping.

I won't go on any more, i don't know what else to say except that we have lost a very special girl .

here is a picture taken earlier this year when we were invited to a party and Em took Grace
she is on the left.
God bless my lovely.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

why, oh why, do i do this every year?!!

Its that time of year again - the deadline seems to get quicker every year! Every year i say to myself i will be more organised and every year i am not! is it just me??

My list seems to be endless so i have started to prioritize - have just finished a neck scarf for a friend, and have started on a scarf for one of my sons' girlfriendssorry pic not very good - its lovely and soft and has ribbon running through it.

whilst looking at fabric i just had to buy this

and then i bought this to make some christmas bunting with

thought i had better stop there, especially on the yarn buying!

i am still working on this tho - for michaela - and hope to send it on by the weekend

have never knitted on circular needles before so that is interesting!

well i had better stop now, dogs are waiting for their tea and the chickens need to be shut in

thought i would leave you with this - i rushed out the other evening and took it because the colours in the sky were awesome


Thursday, 20 November 2008


Chocolate buttercream cupcakes!!

See that space..... that's mine - its on a plate waiting for me with a lovely cup of tea!!! just thought you might want to share in this lovely moment - five minutes peace and quiet! i feel i have deserved this as so far today i have:-

Got up (of course!) fed dogs and cat

let chickens out and fed them

hayed up the horses

fed the sheep (who are very, very noisy in the mornings!)

had breakfast

put washing on

tidied up (very quickly and not at all as good as my mother would like!)

taken my son to college at Dorchester (50 min trip)

quick bit of shopping

taken said son home again (only a morning session!)

very quick sandwich!
put more washing on

poo picked horses (yes, i know, you didn't really want to know that!)

topped up their water

cleaned out chickens

fed sheep

and finally taken dogs out on longggg walk!
and its only half three!

so i think i deserve my cupcake!
I have to add to this that i, unfortunately, did not bake said cupcake - it is courtesy of Waitrose!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Loop the loop and other things!!

i had the most fantastic day on Friday - as you have probably seen from other blogs, there was a bit of a meet up!! (moogsmom, Lucky Locket, Trashcan and Fan my Flame and Ali, Lucy's sister) (have not done the link as i always muck it up!!) it was just great and everybody i met was absolutely lovely! CL Fair was HUGE and sooo many people but just the most gorgeous stands - but i was good and did not dent the credit card - much to my husband's amazement!

I did get this lovely fabric which was a bargain

isn't it just beautiful!! I love a bargain!!

i forgot to mention that on meeting up with the 'girls' they all gave me lovely presents (being a novice i did not know that bloggers did this but will make sure i do next time!)

wasn't i lucky.

Anyway after an exhausting day we then decided to visit Loop which is a small but beautiful yarn shop! i could have stayed in there for ages - such gorgeous yarns - i did buy some and here it is

it feels as good as it looks!!! I also bought the latest Vogue Knitting mag as well!

Sadly after this we had to go our separate ways, trashy and i had a train to catch, but hopefully there will be another meet up!

well thats all for now, have to go and rescue dinner as i am typing this and then rushing into the kitchen to do what needs to be done!

will be back soon when things are not soo rushed!


Sunday, 9 November 2008

just an experiment!

am still having trouble with my post, so this is a bit of an experiment.

am gonna try something and see if it works and also see if i can put some pics on so bear with me!

Sunday, 2 November 2008


my blog has gone haywire!! i need your help.

it will not let me update my blog roll on the right hand side - and when i come to do a post the menu does not come up as usual.

it seems to be stuck on sunday 2nd Nov.

would be grateful for any advice as this is driving me nuts!!

winter is here/frogging!!!

well winter has certainly arrived this week!! its been blooming freezing and yesterday was horrible!!

here i am ready to go out to do the horses - dressed like a michelin man!! or a bank robber!

not a very flattering look but as long as i am wrapped up and warm i'm past caring what i look like and i'm sure the horses/sheep/chickens don't care as long as they are fed!!

they are all happy to come in and have a good feed of hay and a break from the cold and wind and rain!!

the chickens are not happy at all with this wet weather - they can get into their house at any time but i think they are frightened they might miss out on some goodies!!!

Complete change of subject - frogging!!! i had bought some yarn the other week and thought i would knit up a scarf as a present for someone as a quick project inbetween all the other things i'm supposed to be finishing!! something, i thought, i could just do and not have to think about too much! WRONG! This pattern took me ages to get right and i must have frogged about twenty times -- there was all this yarn over, yarn round needle, yarn forward!!! well the yarn certainly went somewhere but not as the pattern it was supposed to be!!! now, i may be wrong, and i'm not an expert, far from it, but i think there was a mistake in the pattern! Now i know a bad workman always blames his tools but i don't think so in this case. However i eventually worked out something and here it is

this is my version and it looks like the picture in the pattern book!!! but it was not a relaxing and stress free project at all!!! but i was determined not to give up!

well this morning at least its stopped raining so i have no excuses not to go outside but i think i might just have one more cuppa and a piece of toast!


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mojo returning!!!

I think trashy has worked her magic, and the crafting is returning! Went shopping in Bath and had to call in my favorite quilting shop, Country Threads, for a bit of retail therapy! recently bought some lovely fabrics there for a new quilt but didn't get enough for the sashing, so here it is

Also bought this pattern as it looked fun and i was assured it was really easy and quick!

knitting mojo has definitely returned! must be these cold evenings! bought some lovely soft yarn in beautiful colours

and a pattern book

am just doing some fingerless gloves and a scarf to start -never used this yarn before!

my kidsilk haze wrap/scarf is coming along

it is sooooo soft, i just love it! might be finished in time for next winter tho!!!

Finally finished my last gift in the stitching angel swap and have sent it on its way:

i hope my swap partner likes it, i have included a few little goodies as well - it has been such fun doing it! I have found out that my lovely angel is called Joy, and i had the last part of my swap come today and its gorgeous and there were some lovely presents as well. So thank you soo much Joy i am very lucky to have had you as my swap partner. (pics will be on next blog!)

Finally, got round to making a pud today - Bread Pudding

yuummmm - had my bit with lashings of custard -not very good for the figure but blooming good for the taste buds!!!
(if any one wants the receipe just let me know - it is sooooo easy to make).
well, that went on a bit!!! time to go i think!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

lost crafting mojo!!

is it just me? I think it might be! i have loads to do, quilting, knitting, stitching, but somehow when the days get shorter and the evenings longer, and you therefore think you have more time in the evening to do the above, all i want to do is curl up by the fire and sleep!!
i think it could be that as my time during the day is shorter i have to cram it all in and work twice as fast!


oh by the way brenda http://pumpkinpatchprimitivesquiltshoppe is having a halloween giveaway!

oooooo... i hope this link is a successful link!! well,, sorry if its not! It is late for me, time i was in bed!!



Monday, 13 October 2008

Lovely surprise!

This is just a quick post - am supposed to be doing the housework!!

Had the most lovely parcel come on saturday from my stitching angel - she has made me the armchair stitching holder - its gorgeous and absolutely perfect as i am always losing my stitching stuff down the side of the settee - which is pretty dangerous for anyone sitting down in my seat after me as i have been known to lose needles!!

lovely wrapping paper!

gorgeous fabric!

beautiful stichery! and some lovely extra goodies!
Thank you sooo much my lovely stitching angel - i still don't know who you are - i need a few more clues!!! Can't wait to find out who you are so i can return your generosity!
Right, back to the washing, ironing, hoovering, mucking out - and, if i'm lucky, some stitching for my partner in the stitchery angel swap as time is getting on and the deadline is getting closer and i'm beginning to panic just ever so slightly!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

double edged sword!!

I have today finally realised , reluctantly, that my 'baby' is all grown up! Today she took her driving test and.... passed!!!

i know you will all understand how this makes me feel - sooo proud of her, on the one hand, and absolutely terrified on the other!!

As soon as we got back from the test centre, she drove herself to work - which is not too far away - i was soo chuffed for her - i can remember when i passed my test and how weird it is to sit in the car and not have someone next to you!

Slight sticking point this evening as she wanted to drive out to the boyfriend's - as she has never driven in the dark before her father put his foot down and said no - she had to drive a few times with someone with her when night driving!

so this duly has happened and off they have gone!

sometimes its hard being a parent!!

(Em last year at Horse of the Year show with showjumper Tim Stockdale)

Thursday, 2 October 2008


i think i may have overdone it a bit!

although its been sunny today, where we are, on top of a hill, its gradually got more and more windy and its got blooming cold!

Outside doing the horses this eve it was freezing!

so i did what i always do when cold - got into a hot bath - boy was it hot! i think i realised i had the water maybe a tad too hot when as soon as i got in i turned pink (not a pretty site!). needless to say i did not stay in too long (what a waste of water i hear you say - oh no hubby getting in later, but we don't want to go there, bless him!) - as i got out i felt a tad wobbly and had to grab a towel and go sit on my bed!!

morale of this tale - don't be an idiot!

just in case you wondered am now feeling okay - very, very warm and toasty!

why is it i wonder that as soon as it starts to get dark early and cold, i just want to stay indoors and snuggle up! I think i should just hibernate, but then i'd miss too much!

that's all really.
just thought i'd pop in a pic - our cat winnie (14) - scary cat!!


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Blue days

do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and and off you go ... worrying. i should really call it a 'worry' day. if i can find something to worry about, i do!

i woke up this morning early and just lay there, and started thinking about things, you know, family, friends etc. trouble is once you start you just can't stop! anyway i won't bore you all with the details but i thought i know what will help - just go onto the blogoverse and be inspired by others!

Have been sooo inspired by everyone's little hats for the innocent smoothies that i have decided to get on a make some - will post some pics when i have done a few!

at the weekend i finally got some time to do more with my quilt - have 'only' got the hand quilting to do now!!

and this is the back
have not decided how to quilt it yet!

However - have got some new fabric for the next one! its lovely soft cotton flannel - just right for the winter

can't wait to start it - may just do simple squares - need to do something easy to make sure i finish it before the end of winter -any suggestions for patterns gratefully received!
i also feel the need to start knitting scarves!! huge scarves are all the rage apparently, in the fashion mags - i know, i'm such a hip person!!! this then gives me the perfect excuse for searching out new yarn - as if i need an excuse! (would love to do a scarf swap but feel i'm still a new kid (ha ha) on the block, and everyone i think has loads enough to do at the mo!)
well thanks for being there and apologies for the whinging but sometimes it helps to get it off your chest and into perspective.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Never, ever get in the car when your mechanic is testing your ABS brakes!

You would think that no-one would be that mad!!! uummmm, well.... what happened is....

I have been getting the ABS warning light come on and also the TC (traction control, so i'm told!) light and as i use my wagon to tow a horse trailer i am fanatical about keeping it in tip top shape. (geeky points maybe!) So, I thought, i would call in and see our mechanic. (that was my first mistake, should have just rung him up and booked it in!!)

Right then, he said, hop over and i'll give it a drive - my first thought was well i bet it goes ok for him and he'll just think 'woman drivers'! I would point out that we have had Chris as our mechanic for years and he is just brilliant. Any hooo, there is space round the corner from his garage where we could drive it so off we went.

now then, he said, lets give it a go - warning bells started going off in my head, especially when he said 'hold on'! We took off like a bat out of hell heading towards a building..... and i shut my eyes as he slammed on the brakes.... well, they worked a treat, but no warning lights came on...

just do it one more time he said - oh my god, i then remembered that in his spare time he races cars!!!! Off we went again and all i could think of was i was glad i had not had my lunch!!

The be all and end all of it was he thinks there is something wrong with the electrics as there is nothing wrong with my brakes, and i think i probably have whiplash to prove it!!! (slight exaggeration probably!)

Now on to calmer things - my stitching angel swap - i have finally completed two projects, one was of my own design (nothing to get too excited about i can tell you!) and the other was a slight adaptation of a design.

here is a sneaky peek--

The person i am stitching for loves all things vintage so have included a few little extras in the swap.

I just hope my stitching comes up to scratch and she is one very talented lady and makes the most gorgeous scarves!
Think i might just go and have a cuppa now and settle my nerves - pity its afternoon - could do with something stronger!!!


Monday, 15 September 2008

Not 1 but 2 parcels!!!!

A little bird (well, two actually) had told me to watch out for the postie and i was sooo excited i could hardly contain myself (you probably gather from this that i don't get parcels very often!

Well, when i got home lunchtime i shot into the garage to see if postie had left anything and there they were, two of them!!

The biggest parcel was, of course, trashy's box swap - i couldn't wait to tell her, so rang straightaway - mind you it was so well wrapped up, took me a while to figure a way in, bearing in mind i would have to send it on again!

Well, here are the goodies i picked:-

there was some lovely yarn, Colinette, a cute little box with a cupcake on it with some buttons inside, and some fabric! how fantastic.

i will try and turn it round as quick as possible as i know there are others waiting - as you probably know my sewing room is just full of boxes and odds and ends following our floor scenario, and, you've guessed, my goodies are underneath somewhere! So tomorrow morning i will be diving under the table to try and get them all out!!

My next parcel was from Australia - my excitement level by this point was sky high!! and inside were these beautiful goodies from my stitching angel:-

Isn't it the most gorgeous needlecase ever - i was so thrilled - its beautifully made and in my favorite colours.

inside there were needles and a tapemeasure - and i also received some lovely fabric and a hugs and kisses iron on transfer!!

Aren't i lucky - i just want to say a HUGE thank you to my stitching angel - its an absolutely lovely present and i can't wait to find out who you are!

Lots of love and thanks to trashy too for organising the box swap.