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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas

I would just like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year!!

I've had such fun blogging and i've met (literally!) some lovely people and long may it continue!

Things are slowly coming together - got all decs up now

had a lovely surprise parcel from Marian, the lovely lady i did some stitching angelness for!
its now under the tree and i promise i have not peeked!!!

have nearly finished presents that i am making and even managed to find time to make some of these for friends

food shopping nearly all done, but have not had time to make any cakes yet!!
I have a feeling that these next few days are going to be a bit hectic!!! so this is probably my last post for a week or so, but i will still, i hope, find time to keep up to date with you all.
lots of love

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

lists and more lists!

i think, so far, i must have about 10 lists!!! every day i seem to be making them and adding more things rather than taking any off!! I have lists of things yet to be made, things almost made, things finished (this not as long as it should be!), presents yet to be bought, food and drink to get and so on it goes!!!

Anyway, here are two scarves i have (almost) finished - just need to add some fringing - these are for my sons' girlfriends

so at least i can tick two things off!!!

Em put up the tree on sunday - this pic does not do it credit - she decided on a silver theme this year - and , as usual, we had the Muppets Christmas Carol dvd on at the same time - this has become a tradition over the last few years!

we do have an angel on the top, but i missed her out!!

I had a lovely surprise in the week - a parcel from Joy in Australia

sorry its a bit blurred, but it says do not open til 25th dec - so i am trying to be good and not peek - thank you soo much Joy!

We had a wedding on Saturday - my lovely goddaughter got married - it was a day of mixed emotions really . She looked gorgeous, but the weather was absolutely freezing!! it was definitely love that got her through!

unfortunately my camera skills went out the window - luckily Em took some lovely pics!

Right thats all for the moment, time for hot chocolate and a bit more knitting, and quite possibly, another list!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thank You

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from Em and myself for all your kind and thoughtful comments - they really do mean a lot.

you really are lovely, special friends.


Saturday, 6 December 2008


i don't normally write about sad things and i dont really know why i'm writing this really.

We heard the most awful news yesterday - one of my daughter's loveliest friends was killed in a car accident. A friend of my daughter rang me yesterday wanting to speak to her, but she was at work. i was absolutely dumbstruck - how do you tell your daughter something like that? i was praying that no one had text her during the day. When she came in i took her in my arms and gave her the biggest hug - she asked me what was wrong and said that all her friends had been ringing her but of course she could not answer them as she was working. i told her as gently as i could what had happened. i won't go into detail but you can imagine her reaction.

Grace was her name and she was the most lovely girl - always happy and smiling and bubbly - there is a group of about 6 of them and they always go out together, share each others birthdays and the usual girly things. She was a very talented girl, you name it she could sew it and made herself the most fantastic clothes. She was just 18 and it seems like only a few weeks ago they hired a big limo and went clubbing to celebrate.

My daughter showed me Grace's facebook page last night - there are hundreds of messages on it, some absolutely heartbreaking and we sat and cried together.

When something like this happens it puts all else into perspective but it also made me want to hold my daughter and never let her go, but life is not like that.

My heart goes out to Grace's Mum and her family and i cannot begin to imagine how they are coping.

I won't go on any more, i don't know what else to say except that we have lost a very special girl .

here is a picture taken earlier this year when we were invited to a party and Em took Grace
she is on the left.
God bless my lovely.