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Thursday, 19 February 2009

unintentional break!!!

just to say that ..... computer decided to go haywire on me so have not been able to do much in the last week!!!!

normal service will shortly be resumed!!!!

for these two it all sometimes just gets too much!!!


Saturday, 7 February 2009

a bambi moment and some baking!

Right, thats it - i've had enough of this weather now! Snow i can cope with, but sheets of ice i cannot!

Have had a few moments in the past week where i have so nearly gone flying, but managed to retain my dignity - however when taking the dogs out this morning, stepped out of the door onto a sheet of ice! Gingerly took a couple of steps, then wham! a true bambi moment, arms flaying, legs wobbling - but... managed, just to stay upright. Did that thing where you look around to see if anyone's seen you - don't know why as all my lot still in bed! Got back indoors and had a well needed cuppa and a quick look at the weather forecast - oh, joy, more snow on Monday!

The upside of all this has meant more time for sewing so i have been getting on with my quilt - when i put it together i wasn't too keen, but its growing on me
am going quilt all over it with a sort of daisy design

also made a little pincushion for a swap i'm doing and have a couple more things to make today

Em decided she wanted to do some baking yesterday, so we had a very productive afternoon

Em made these - chocolate brownies and rice crispy nibbles! - i made banana cake and some bread

and later made these for pudding all of the above no good for the waistline but we decided we deserved it for al l the mucking out we've done and all the mucking out we've still got to do!

well i had better stop now and get on outside - i bet the blooming outside taps are frozen! but i'll leave you with this

what were they soooo interested in -....... why these of course!

have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow - day 2!

I promise i won't bore you with too many pics, but its not often we get this much snow. this is the view from the front of our house.

by the way, hubby got home safe at 11pm last night after a pretty miserable journey! following on from yesterday, they arrived from Alicante to Cardiff instead of Bristol, then had to wait for coaches to take them all to Bristol - on arrival at Bristol the entire plane load of passengers had to fill in forms as everyones luggage was still at Alicante - reason for this being that as weather bad over here and not sure where the plane could land on its return they needed extra fuel so could not take any luggage - however they were supposed to inform passengers that they had a choice, stay with luggage or fly home without! nobody told them this! they then had a horrible drive home in the snow and found loads of diversions as roads closed! Did just hear that their luggage is now at Gatwick!

anyway few more pics - Mitch enjoying a lovely roll!

Iona thought she'd check out the henhouse and eat their bread! She's bored!
the two hairies - Bubs and Tops, tucking into breakfast!

All jobs done outside so am hoping, after a nice cuppa and perhaps a muffin, to spend some time sewing and knitting - want to try and finish the top for my cosy quilt today!

and possibly a bit of cake making - cold weather always makes me very hungry!
take care

Monday, 2 February 2009

What a day!

well this is how the day started!

they did say it would snow some time today, but not overnight last night!!! the chickens were not at all impressed and when i opened their door to let them out, they didn't want to!

if you look closely you can just see a head peeping out!

The horses were cosy in their stables last night so they went out to play!

but they were not that enthusiastic!

Molly however loved it - she's not seen snow before! she kept trying to eat it!

Son decided he was 10 again and built a snowman!

its now late afternoon and snowing heavily - horses are cosy in stables again - Em and i had umpteen trips to the kitchen to fill up all their buckets as tap in field frozen solid!

Huge downside to this weather is that hubby, who was in Alicante for the last few days with 6 other guys,((on a golfing jolly) is now stuck at Cardiff - he's supposed to be in Bristol - just rang to say that after sitting on runway for last hour and a half coaches are now going to take them to Bristol! goodness knows what time he'll get home! as long as they are all safe and sound! the other news he gave me was that all their luggage and golf gear is still at Alicante! i think he may need a holiday to recover!

Upside was i did manage to do some sewing this afternoon, am making a lovely cosy quilt and am rushing as i need it now!

After all the excitement of the snow Molly decided a snooze was in order !

better get on with dinner now! hope you all had a good day!