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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

isn't it lovely!

Isn't it lovely when the weathermen get it wrong - i woke up this morning expecting it to be like yesterday, miserable and wet and instead got this
Beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!!! It days like these that make me want to rush around doing all sorts!!

So first - out with the washing

in with the horses - who by the looks of it were having a lovely lie-in!!

we are going to exercise them in our little school this morning as its dustbin day and our roads are soo narrow it makes a ride out a little hairy - especially as there are lots of lorries!!

Next take the dogs for a long walk round the field behind us - have to make the most of this as soon the grass will be too long for them!!!

Then into the greenhouse to water these - i must get on and put the toms in growbags and the sweetpeas in pots

quick check at the garden to make sure no slug damage as put in some broadbean plants at weekend (or rather hubby did!)and finally, breakfast!!! not a bad round up and its only twenty past ten!

Last night i finished a slouch sock - only have to sew it up and also finished a crochet square - was soo excited!! I know, i know, but am easily pleased by little accomplishments!!

Tomorrow i'm going to Tamsyn's lovely shop to learn more crochet - yay!
with all these goodies, plus she has some lovely fabric coming in, i know i'm going to be tempted!!!
Well that was a long post!!!
Hope you all have a lovely day - have to make the most of it here as its supposed to rain later - knew it was too good to be true!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

All play, no work!!!

Can you hear it????? are you sure?????? its the sound of Trashy laughing her head off!!!! Why you may ask? a very good reason - my sock knitting!!! To explain, i have never attempted knitting a sock before and had got thus far

however, no matter what i seemed to do my stocking stitch kept coming out as garter stitch! In the end i frogged it and cast on again . So Trashy kindly invited me to lunch to see what i was doing wrong! As soon as i saw her knitting her sock i knew straightaway - i was knitting inside out!!!! how stupid can you get!!! Well as you can imagine Trashy nearly fell off her chair with laughter! I don' t think she is ever going to let me forget it either! Lunch was lovely and a real treat and Trashy's lovely neighbour came over too. So i am going to start my sock again and see what else i can come up with!

Things are looking up on the crochet front although going by the above goodness knows what i'll do next!

This is part of a design to make a blanket - there are two more 'rounds' as it were to go - if i make about 30 of them it should be a good enough size!

I had a lovely parcel waiting for me when i got home yesterday - it was from Clara (WMK)

we have been doing a swap - i have sent her 'The Knitter' magazine and in return she sent me these lovely goodies - some beautiful flannel fabric which i can't wait to get working on and a great flannel quilt book with some gorgeous quilts in it! Thank you sooo very much Clara its all fantastic!

So this week, so far, has been lots of play and no work - i don't know that i've achieved much but i've had fun actually having the time to sort out yarns and fabric, look at my various books for ideas and spend lots of time with the horses - not having to clock watch, even for a few days, is just so nice, so i feel very lucky!

I do think i had better go and think about dinner now!

I can still hear you Trashy!!!


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Update - horses, socks, crochet!

A few of you already know that i couldn't make the bloggy picnic as i had to have the vet out to this sweetie - the one on the right - 'bubbles'! he has arthritis so is never fully sound but he suddenly got much worse - the good news is that he is much better - is on stronger medication - the reason we think that he got worse was that the ground was soo hard and where the field got churned up in the winter, its unlevel, which makes life a bit harder for him especially, being a cob, he is so heavy on his feet. so there you have it!

Vets visits seem to be on the agenda at the moment - the lovely little Molly has a bit of a problem which we are trying to solve (avid watchers of the Dog Whisperer) - when someone she doesn't know comes in she howls the place down - and she is sooo loud you cannot hold a conversation (just ask trashy who had first hand experience the other week!). Also she will not let the stranger near her - so as we have an injection due soon, plus she also needs to be spade, we need to sort this out! So she has being going to the vets to get her familiarised - so far its been going well - she looks scared but no howling and is happy to let the vet nurse cuddle her- so now we are going every week! As if thats not enough for her, she gets car sick! Hopefully all will be resolved eventually!
These two, on the other hand, are totally chilled -
Chilled is not quite how i'd describe my sock knitting am not progressing very fast! but hanging on in there! (didn't realise that after rib i just had to knit plain!)

Crochet is coming along - only trouble is i keep trying to run before i can walk!
I think i may have a chilled evening myself - i have wine, i have chocolate and the evening to myself for a bit - now where's my book?

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter

not very good pics but i thought i'd do something for the table centre! don't know how much time i'm going to have over the next few days to blog so i thought i'd get in early and wish you all a very Happy Easter and a lovely few days break!

I know my kids are fairly grown up but i did get these for them to have an easter egg hunt on Sunday - what a hoot!

I'm hoping i'll have a bit of time for some knitting, stitching and crochet . I think i may be getting addicted to the latter - am still struggling but a very lovely lady from here has been giving me loads of help and in my next post i hope to have some pics of her amazing shop. But am still hoping to very soon have a meet up with Lesley and Trashy, especially as i could not make the bloggery picnic!
well thats all, short and sweet.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

hectic day - shopping, socks and crochet!

Yesterday i woke up and decided to take myself off to Bath - hubby was doing 'man' stuff - i.e. looking at ride on mower (not for us but for the local football club) - Em was at work for the morning and Dan was where he usually is - in bed!

The one thing i forgot was to take my camera ! however next time i go i will try and remember. I went really early, easy for parking, especially on a Saturday. When i got there the sun was shining - it was a lovely morning. Now don't get me wrong, i love living in the country but now and again i wonder what its like living in a town. it was lovely being there early - you could feel the town just waking up - there was that lovely spring smell in the air and the anticipation of things about to happen.

Bath is such a lovely city and there is always soo much going on - there are buskers everywhere - a young girl was singing opera and she had a beautiful voice - bath theatre was putting on Oliver and there seemed to be the whole young cast out handing out leaflets. There were two guys on bongo drums, another guy singing reggae and to top it all in the centre were two guys with not a lot on , on unicycles! I have seen them before, they always attrack a huge crowd as they are soo funny! I promise to take pics next time!

So, to retail therapy - i had a list from my daughter so i shot off to Jane Norman, River Island, Topshop, etc. - she wanted a shrug - do you think i could find one - No. But i did see a brilliant idea which was to get a sparkly, clubby sort of scarf put round shoulders and then go under arms and tie round the back - looks just like a little shrug - brilliant!

I did of a bit of shopping for myself - of course! I stopped by the lovely little quilting shop and got these
just couldn't help myself! The book is just beautiful and full of lovely ideas - the fabric is to be sent to a special friend as a surprise so i will say no more!

On the startitis front - oh boy have i been bad! On the crochet front have been trying to make flowers and made this
not very good pic but was quite pleased with how it turned out! still finding reading instructions a bit of a nightmare! Don't know if any of you have seen this yet -Its got some lovely patterns in it.

I have also started some slouch socks, which are on two needles! Then i had a lovely surprise the other day when Trashy popped in - she very kindly showed me how to cast on and knit with four needles! I did try, really i did, but decided four was too many and found this pattern using three

only trouble is, i seem to knitting inside out - help - any advice welcome!

Another startitis project is this flag

Its a lovely quilted patchwork design which i have been promising to make for a friend for a while - now i have got all my fabrics and have started cutting out - at last!

well, i feel shattered just writing about it all! So i better stop, have another cuppa and toast, and get on with the day.

Have a lovely day.