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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Busy sewing!

Its raining out so these two , Molly and Winnie, have decided to snuggle up indoors - not sure Molly is too keen on lying soo close to the cat!
i should be doing the housework, but have been sneaking in a bit of sewing - this piece, sorry its sideways, blogger won't let me turn it round, is something i started ages ago and i think because we have been having such lovely weather and that always makes me wish i was beside the sea, i thought i had better finish it off! I just need to quilt it now, make some tabs and do the binding

This is what i really needed to do today - its my starter block for phase two - christmas - for our around the world quilt swap! I'm really looking forward to this swap - i have picked red and white as my favourite christmas colours and decided to do a log cabin design!

Right, now i have done that there's no excuse not to do the hoovering!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


At last! I have a design wall!!! I have wanted one for ages and decided to get on and do it. Its actually only a piece of wadding pinned to the wall, but it works!

This is going to be Em's quilt which i actually started cutting out last october! It was lovely to see it as a whole - i'm not sure the blocks are going to stay in this sequence but have left it so that both Em and i can be sure we like it. There is going to be sashing inbetween the blocks- in bright pink!

So now i just need to get on and cut out the sashing, sort out what backing Em wants and order some wadding!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


At last!! I finally found some time this week to do some craftyness!!! The above is my ever - slowly- growing pile of crochet blocks - i think i may do another 10 or so and then join them altogether.

I want to do a border but also, as in quilting, some sashing between rows but i have no idea how to do this - any advice would be gratefully received!

A friend has just had a baby boy so i knitted a little beanie and did some bunting!

Couldn't get all the bunting in but at least you can see the name!

I have been in a neighborhood swap organised by Sadie - i can't do the link but she's in my sidebar! At last i have finished my 9 blocks of cottages and hope to post these tomorrow! Its been great fun and i'm looking forward to seeing what the others have done!

These were the last three!

Such a relief to be able to actually cross something off my long list!

I know i have two quilts to finish, one i'm handquilting and another i have cut out - but i have seen some gorgeous quilts by other bloggers so i feel a new project coming on!!

Better go and get dinner on now!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Whooppee- T'shirt weather at last!

Yay - what a glorious day!! Woke up to birds tweeting and the sun streaming in through the window - so just had to get up! Quick breakfast and then outside to get the horses in. Decided today was the day to get the rugs off and keep them off (this usually guarantees rain!!). Got Iona tacked up and rode her in the school - much to her surprise - she's not used to getting going so early in the morning but it was just soo lovely riding in the sunshine!
After that i decided all the horses needed a good grooming - they are all shedding their winter coats at the moment so there is hair flying everywhere! Mind you the birds love it and quite often you see them fly past with a nice soft bit of horsehair in their beaks! Then i turned them back out into their paddocks and the first thing they all did was have a roll! So here are some pics of some not quite so clean horses.

There is not much grass around at the moment - in fact most of the paddocks are just mud - so this weekend it will be rolling and seeding!
Pye manages to find some bits to nibble!

Mitch is not looking too bad - a bit of a shine on his coat!

Iona decided it was more fun to try and follow me whilst i was trying to take a decent pic of her!

as you can see she is moulting rather a lot and the more i brush the more coat comes out!

I gave up trying to take a decent pic in the end!

So not much crafting done today - but there's still time this evening!!