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Monday, 2 February 2009

What a day!

well this is how the day started!

they did say it would snow some time today, but not overnight last night!!! the chickens were not at all impressed and when i opened their door to let them out, they didn't want to!

if you look closely you can just see a head peeping out!

The horses were cosy in their stables last night so they went out to play!

but they were not that enthusiastic!

Molly however loved it - she's not seen snow before! she kept trying to eat it!

Son decided he was 10 again and built a snowman!

its now late afternoon and snowing heavily - horses are cosy in stables again - Em and i had umpteen trips to the kitchen to fill up all their buckets as tap in field frozen solid!

Huge downside to this weather is that hubby, who was in Alicante for the last few days with 6 other guys,((on a golfing jolly) is now stuck at Cardiff - he's supposed to be in Bristol - just rang to say that after sitting on runway for last hour and a half coaches are now going to take them to Bristol! goodness knows what time he'll get home! as long as they are all safe and sound! the other news he gave me was that all their luggage and golf gear is still at Alicante! i think he may need a holiday to recover!

Upside was i did manage to do some sewing this afternoon, am making a lovely cosy quilt and am rushing as i need it now!

After all the excitement of the snow Molly decided a snooze was in order !

better get on with dinner now! hope you all had a good day!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's sooooo cold! Your snow looks lovely and playable with! Ours keeps going then coming back interspersed with rain so it hasn't been much fun :o( - my feet got totally soaked on the way back from school but I'm happy because I put a stew in the slow cooker earlier, we have some cheap red wine to mull, the heating has been on full since 11 so it is just getting warm and I'm going to light the fire - nice and cosy!

Lucy xxx

Moogsmum said...

Hee hee - our chickens were quite disgusted with the white stuff. they spent all day fluffed up on their perch inside the run and only ventured down to the ground when they were hungry or thirsty!

Moog is now fast asleep after an exhausting day of pretending she's 1 again.

I think I'm the only person down here who loves the snow. What a load of old wingey miseries at school this morning!


Kitty said...

Loads of the white stuff here too ... snowball fights and snow angels for the kids, though they did have to go to school. They're hoping it'll be snowed off tomorrow though! x

Kerri said...

wow it looks so cold and its so hot over here. You rug up and I will have a swim to keep cool.

Dionne said...

I had heard on the radio that you've been hit with a terrible cold front, but that London got the worst of it. So, lucky you, you don't live in London!
Stay warm and safe!

Blossom said...

snow.I would LOVE some of it here now!!!!
looks like great fun!!!

JuicyFig said...

hope your hubby got home ok - I think we are the only place in the country with no snow at the moment!!!