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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

At Last!

I finally have a minute to sit down and blog - this last week seems to have shot past!! So much going on - well firstly we seem to have found a lovely home for Em's horse Pye

crap pic - i think he sneezed mid photo! (this is an old pic, camera still up the creek!) Well i'm touching wood as i say this - the lady who is having him for a trial period is the mum of one of Em's friends - so that is a bonus for a start! We took him over to her place last Thursday - lots of tears from Em and me before we even loaded him into the trailer! But he travelled well and on arrival at his new home gave a big whinnie to see who was around and then it was head down and lets eat!! more tears, and then we went on our way. We have had reports that all seems to be well at the moment, but you can never tell!!!

Em was feeling pretty low, but luckily on the Friday we were headed up to Birmingham for an open day at Em's Uni

so that gave her something to look forward to. I must admit i was rather apprehensive about her going - bi g bad city and all that - but i was pleasantly surprised!!! The Uni looks great - very modern and up together, and the halls of residence are lovely - all security guarded and cameras, etc,. (you can tell i'm a neurotic mother!!!). We then were taken on a tour of the city and it certainly was not the dismal place i had been lead to believe - there were lots of theatres, art galleries, opera and ballet houses - the nightlife is thriving - much to my daughter's delight!! There were of course areas not so pleasant as in any city, but the development of these areas is amazing! So a good day was had by all!

The weekend was spent getting Em's stuff ready for Glastonbury - i can't believe its come round again, it seems only a short while she went to the last one! I finally finished the blanket she wanted made for her friend Zoe, plus a flag to fly on a huge flagpole by her tent so she can find it amongst the sea of thousands - and a tutu - apparently a group of them have decided this is what they will wear, over leggings or jeans and wellies!
Phew - so glad to get that all done in time!
So tomorrow the girls are hoping to set out at half seven in the morning - that will be a miracle! and guess what, i will be doing Em's gap year job while she is away as they are short staffed!! I think i have definitely got something wrong somewhere!!!
Don't forget will be having a giveaway at the end of this month and any comments on this post will be put into the hat!!!
have a good week - its going to be a hot one!!


trashalou said...

You get loads of good mummy points for all that hard work. Glad to hear Pye is settling in.

Joy said...

So glad you found somewhere for Pye :o). Hope Em enjoys Uni, I'm sure she will :o) ... I have family in Birmingham, my Aunt and a couple of cousins!!
Oh I love the tutu ... you simply HAVE to post piccies of the girls in those, I can't wait to see them teamed with wellies, oh what a scream LOL!!!
Joy :o)

Working Mom Knits said...

RATS! I was certain that Pye was the blog contest prize... Hrumph!

ps: good sewing :)

pss: And I too am stunned that it already tent-town time; I distinctly remember being verrry jealous last year.

maria said...

Have fun in your gap year job!

Gina said...

Great blanket! Joe went off to Glastonbury today too. Pleased Pye has settled.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You definitely have got the bad side of the deal!!! Although maybe working instead of Glastonbury is not so very bad!

Great flag, blanket and tutu and great news about Pye too!

Lucy x

Poppy Cottage said...

Thank you for coming to visit my little blog again. Got it all finished and I think, erm.... I am pretty sure Mum liked it. I went to Frank Herrings yesterday to buy myself a drop spindle. In all the years I have lived her and been in that shop, I NEVER knew there was an upstairs!!! OH WOW!!! All those wheels!!!!!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Colette x

silverpebble said...

A tutu at Glastonbury - sounds like a perfect look! Very SJP. Oh to be that young again x

Moogsmum said...

Fantastic tutu Maria!!

Great news that Pye has found a lovely new home. Hope it's not too hard on Em.

I grew up in Birmingham and still have lots of family there. There's so much to do in the city - the city art gallery is superb. She'll have a wonderful time there :)


Ladybird World Mother said...

Ahh, uni! Just taken son back for his second year at uni, into a house with four other 'boys'! Awfully sad. Feels like he has another home and its not here.
Laughed when you said you were doing your daughter's gap year job!!! So funny.
Lovely blog. I will be back!