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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Getting going!

Feels like its been ages since i did a proper post. I think sometimes when you stop for a while its nice to have a little break and just read and comment on all your lovely blogs! Also not having a working camera has been a bit of a nuisance. Have borrowed hubby's for the moment and am quite liking it!

On my around the world quilt swap i have been forgetting to take pics as have been more concerned with getting them done and sending them on so there's not too much of a delay! However here are two that i have made, can't remember who for tho!
actually, its just the one pic as blogger is playing silly b.....s and won't let me upload the other one!

I finally finished my pincushions for the swap and sent them on with a few goodies included

so fingers crossed they have arrived safely!

Talking of parcels, i had the most lovely one arrive yesterday containing this amazingly beautiful bracelet

its made by the lovely Emma Silverpebble. I am so thrilled with it - the two extra charms i asked for are amazing - if you go to her blog you will get a better pic as mine does not do it justice. Thanks Emma, and i think your idea of Do Your Own is just perfect! Will make lovely gifts.

Well thats all for now, am off fruit picking as i seem to have developed an obsession for jam making - so far have made blackcurrant - which was such a pfaff! - and strawberry and gooseberry - which was okay, but i did half and half which although made the jam set beautifully, does not have a strong enough strawberry taste for me, so next time i think i will do it as two-thirds strawbs and a third gooseberry.

hope you all have a lovely weekend.



dottycookie said...

We rarely bring home enough fruit for jam making - it all gets scoffed before we arrive!

Joy said...

I need to make some jam with some of the billions (ok, slight exaggeration!!) of mandarins on my tree!!! Although the possums are certainly enjoying them at the moment :o).
Love your pincushions Maria ... and your bracelet is just gorgeous!!!
Joy ;o)

Moogsmum said...

I need to make jam! I need to go stawberry picking first - pesky work keeps getting in the way!

I love your pincushions and the bracelet from Emma is gorgeous :)


Indigo Blue said...

I love making jam too. Apriot jam is one of my favs and I have not made any for ages. Makes good stocking fillers too. i loove the block you have shown, I have a eally soft spot of log cabin designs.

Tamsyn said...

Your quilt square looks great and a gorgeous little bracelet :) Glad you have been busy making jam....especially as you brought me over a pot ! :) can't wait to get some scones and clotted cream will save it for when the sun is shining. Thankyou Maria, was lovely to see you today. have a great week. X X

Dionne said...

What a lovely day... off picking fruits and berries! It's finally nice out, just in time for me to return from my vacation! I'm having such fun with the around the world swap ~ but I should be better about posting pics as well.

jennyflower said...

Your pin cushions look great- and yummy jam? Yes please! xx