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Monday, 28 September 2009

Catching up

Its been a funny few weeks really - bit of an emotional rollercoaster to put it mildly! For example how did this little bod suddenly turn into a lovely girl, about to start a new adventure at Uni. My emotions have been in a bit of a turmoil really! I'm so happy for her , starting a new phase in her life with lots to look forward to - on the other hand i'm wondering where the hec all those years went - i know its a cliche!!!
We took her up to her Uni last Saturday and leaving her there was the hardest thing i've had to do - we were both crying and hugging! I know its not for ever but it certainly seemed like it and i know i'm probably over reacting but i miss her soo much. Its been just over a week now - one of the longest of my life - and she is really homesick - but she seems to have a lovely girl in the room next door and some in the flat above her, so given time, i'm sure she'll settle down.
I think when a change like this happens it makes you take stock of where you are and what you want to do next! (sorry getting a bit 'heavy' now!)
However things do move on and i have lots to do, five horses to look after for a start!!! I'm soo behind with all my quilting, knitting and crochet stuff - lost my mojo for a bit but am sure it will come back.
As for the new laptop, well its okay but in trying to do this post it will not let me put pics where i want them - i think i need a mouse instead of just trying to do it all with the little pad gismo!! God i'm such a technophobe!!!
So tomorrow will go and purchase one of those and see if i can do better!!



trashalou said...

You seem to be doing okay and I bet she is having a cracking time.

Jane Moxey said...

They call it the "empty nest syndrome" when your kid goes off to college! Hope your crafting will take a huge leap forward, Maybe you should start a pretty quilt for your daughter to have with her at the Uni? Then you can do some reminiscing about her as you piece it together, so all the memories and love will be stitched into the quilt!! All best wishes that the change will settle down for you and for her.

dottycookie said...

Hugs to you, Maria. It's a huge step and I remember the hell I put my poor parents through when I went to Uni. But in time (and it did take a good few months) I had a blast and now have only the fondest memories of that time.

I think Jane's quilt idea is wonderful!

Gina said...

It might be a cliche but the years really do fly by. I'm sure your daughter will settle down soon and then it will be easier for you too. Thinking of you. x

Poppy Cottage said...


Poor you. It'll all be OK. Homesickness is pants, but she will make new friends so fast and you mojo will come back and that will help you cope with the sandess. After all it is only natural.

Take care xx

Jo in TAS said...

You must be very proud of your daughter, it'll fly by and you're never really far away, just a phonecall or an email to keep in touch. Then there's always your blog, she can check out what you're upto whenever she feels homesick!
Hugs to you

jennyflower said...

Awww, sorry that it's a tough time for you. xx

Joy said...

Oh Maria ... you poor thing. I'm missing my girl too while she's over there in UK so I know how you feel!! Hopefully time flies for both of us so we can hug our girls again ;o).
Sending great big hugs,
Joy :o)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Maria. It's funny because I never realised that my parents would have missed me when I went away to Uni until my next door neighbour's daughter went about 4 years ago and I saw how upset my friend was!

It will get easier - but I think Jane's quilt idea is absolutely brilliant!

lucy x

flossyblossy said...

I remember it all well but i think my mum was glad to see the back of me!...haha
I suspect you'll be both be a bit unsettled for a while but then it will become the 'norm'.
Hang in there and i hope your mojo comes back soon. B.x.

Indigo Blue said...

My sympathy goes out to you Maria. I have this to come and at the moment I hate it if Sophie is away for just one night (Sleepover). Why not send your daughter little things in the post as surprises to open. like cards, postcards, handmade keyfob for her room key. When I went away to Uni having post did cheer me up. I really iiked your last skirt. Which pattern did you use? What about joining in my swap, get a bit of seasonal spirit going, might help with the mojo bit too.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh I missed this... hope you are both feeling better now... you at home and daughter at uni. Such an enormous step. I go into my son's room and just hate the fact that his chair isnt there... the one he uses for the computer. Seems so empty now. Lots of love to you at this weirdest of times. xx

Moogsmum said...

Ooh (((big hugs))) to you Maria. It's such a big step but she'll have the best time. My 'baby' niece started at Leicester Uni last week - can't believe she's old enough to have even left school!!