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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Snuggle up!

I have to admit to a little bit of envy! I have been reading a few posts regarding things to do when the weather is foul - my favorite being the idea of spending the whole day snuggling under quilts!

O what bliss - to be able to sit here in the warm and the dry, with a lovely fire and do some of this

or just to sit and read, drink cups of tea and possibly occasionally get up and make something to eat!

On a day like this it would be heaven! Woke up this morning to heavy rain and very dull and dismal outside

But hey, never gonna happen! There are a few reasons why not - five horses, three sheep, two dogs, one cat and four chickens!!! I can never just lie in bed in the morning and listen to the rain hammering down - no matter whether its a howling gale, or snowing -don't get me wrong, i'm not moaning! Even when it is doing all of the above i know that they are all waiting for me. I love going outside because i know i'm going to get a lovely greeting - lots of whinnying and baa-ing, with a bit of clucking thrown in! I know its only what my mum would call 'cupboard love' but its lovely all the same! Also there is something immensely satisfying when you've got them all in the warm and dry - even the chickens (mine hate rain!). To stand in the stable with a wet, steaming horse, who has stopped shivvering and who is contentedly munching on some lovely hay, and listen to the wind outside is very satisfying.
When all are happily in the dry , fed and watered then i can go inside for that steaming cuppa and toast and a possible few hours under the quilt, by the fire!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever the weather!


silverpebble said...

Your version of a rainy day sounds just as lovely Maria. No quilts but lots of friendly noses. I love the idea of them all greeting you with baa-ing and whinnying.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sitting in the warmth in front of a lovely fire is far more rewarding when you have done something to deserve it! And there is nothing more deserving than looking after your animal friends!

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

Your animals are very lucky to have such a caring mama. Enjoy your well earned indoor rest - and the better weather we're supposed to have tomorrow!

Gina said...

I've only one dog and four chickens but I know what you mean. Staying snuggled inside in the morning is a mere dream... but like you I don't really mind.

noelle said...

ooh i know what you mean about having to get up and see to various animals and i do love it when the weather is bad and you get them all fed and cosy. I'm sure they love us for it really!!!!

Moogsmum said...

All that early morning activity just makes the snuggling up bits all the more special. Moog trots upstairs at 5am and doesn't let up until one of us has given in and let her out into the garden!
Not sure I could cope with five horses evrey day though. I don't know how you do it!


LizzieJane said...

It must be hard at times to have to get up and go out in such foul weather. I am sure your "zoo" is really happy that you do.

jennyflower said...

You certainly deserve a mug of tea and a snuggle after all your hard work wiv the animals!