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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Well, what a week! What with all three of mine having their birthdays - not the best planning on my part!! We kicked off with Em's 21st - she'd had a party a few weeks previously but decided she would like to go bowling on her birthday - so off we went - it was a great fun evening, not least as i out-bowled my son!!! Minor miracle as i'm usually crubbish!!!

After we finished there was some eating and then they spied the arcade and off they went, Em and Rosie headed straight for the dance machine - i wish i'd had a video, it was hilarious!
Back home there was birthday cake!! The theme of the cake was things dearest to Em's heart - shoes and bags!

Dan's birthday was the next day - he ended up with two birthday cakes, one from M&S - the chocolate caterpillar one!- and his lovely girlfriend made him one too!
The OMG heading above refers to this - quadbiking!!!!
When Tom mentioned it i thought it would be him and his mates, but oh no!! He wanted us all to go - well, i've never done it before and thought i would probably end up at the back going slow!!
It was a-maz-ing!!! I loved it - i have to say the pics here are the ones on the website (the beginners circuits)- as we were all doing it there was no-one to take pictures, which was a great shame. It was a huge extreme sports centre - we all got told how to use the bikes, got kitted out with hats and overalls, and off we went - starting on a small course and then moving on to other courses - we went on 5 altogether, each getting more difficult. As i got onto the more difficult courses i did find i was going slower round the sharp, narrow and very rutted bends, but apart from that i was surprised how fast i went - inbetween courses there were fields to go round and everyone loved it as we all raced along - i think i had the biggest smile on my face almost the whole way round!!
So it was a brilliant end to a hectic week, but boy am i paying for it now, everything aches!!!
hope you are having a lovely weekend!



trash said...

That looks ace! And you thought you would be going snail's pace at the back.

Kitty said...

Way to go you! That's fantastic - I am so impressed. Looks like great fun. :) x

Jo in TAS said...

How lovely your kids want you to enjoy in the sports too, hope my son is like that on his 21st!

Gina said...

The quad biking looks brilliant fun. We've got four family birthdays in the next couple of weeks... should be getting organised really.

Locket Pocket said...

Wow! That was some week!!! Lucy x

Dionne said...

What FUN you all had!!

Kerri said...

Its nice to be a kid again for a day. Looks like so much fun. Happy birthday kids.