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Friday, 15 October 2010

Little rascals!

What a difference a week makes - these little bundles of fluff are now getting about - mind you its more like staggering - not quite sorted out what goes where yet!! This one, a girl we think, is going to be Dan's - still no names yet! They had just been trying out a little kitty food when we arrived and judging by the little fat tummies they thoroughly enjoyed it - this little one was soo fat i thought we should call her 'pudding'!!

This little chap is going to be Emily's - i think the name at the moment is Dukes, or little D, but it could all change!
After a short play, its bedtime - life is just sooo exhausting!

Have a lovely weekend!


Joy said...

Ooooooh Maria ... they're absolutely GAWJUS!!!!! There's nothing cuter than a little kitten - so sweet :o).
Joy :o)

Jane Moxey said...

Cute kitties. I love the Calico Pudding and in the group shot the one with the smudges of black on its back is too cool!

Suzanne said...

Oh my they are so cute!
Such endearing pictures :)
p.s. LOve your quilt!
Have a lovely weekend,

Locket Pocket said...

They all look gorgeous! Lucy x

silverpebble said...

So sweet!