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Monday, 13 December 2010

Not quite going to plan!

Every Christmas i tell myself this will be the one where i am really organised and ahead of the game! Well its not going to be this one! I have not even bought the main presents yet, although i have sent out some christmas cards! However there is still a pile to be delivered, which sometimes lulls me into a false sense of security and i end up rushing round on christmas eve! We thought we would put up the decs yesterday - we climbed up into the loft and it was chaos! Earlier in the year we had a new boiler fitted and it was placed in the loft - everything just got chucked out of the way in a hurry. So naturally it took us ages to find our fake tree - the reason we are not having a real one is because of our two new arrivals!!! We now have the tree up and lights on, but no decorations - we looked for ages but could not find them!! I am hoping that maybe on a second search they will turn up! So here is my sorry looking tree at the moment.

I did have a lovely surprise last week - i joined a secret santa swap organised by Chooky Blue and my parcel arrived - my goodness i have been soo spoiled - lots of lovely looking packages, which i have not opened and two gorgeous decorations, below, which i was allowed to open!

My swap partner is called Nicolette and i cannot thank her enough for this amazing gift and i can't wait to open the rest!
Our two new arrivals seem to have made themselves completely at home now!

I'm not sure how long the christmas tree is going to be standing!
Have a good week.


dottycookie said...

I thought I was organised too, but I'm not.

Nicolette does pack up fab parcels, doesn't she? I was lucky enough to receive one a little while ago - lovely!

Gina said...

I've not really started on the present shopping yet apart from a couple of small bits picked up while I was out doing other things... tomorrow!

Chookyblue...... said...

what lovely ornaments from Nicolette........pop the rest under the tree............not long til they can be opened now..........

Joy said...

LOVE the piccies of the furry kids ... seems they're all getting along well - fingers crossed it stays that way ;o). Hope you find your tree deccies, you might have to go and buy some more!!!
Love your deccies from Nicolette, still waiting for mine - so exciting ;o)!!
Joy :o)

Dionne said...

What a fun swap!

nicolette said...

Good luck finding your Christmas decorations!
Love those furry friends!

jennyflower said...

Aww, those two look so angelic- surely they couldn't do any damage?!

Katherine said...

Oh, how lucky you are! Nicolette puts together THE most amazing swap parcels. Enjoy!

Love the kitty pics. Had a giggle seeing one snuggled into that slipper! Too cute. Good luck with keeping them away from the Christmas tree and decorations. lol