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Monday, 12 December 2011

making winter wonderful

As i am writing this the rain is hammering against the window and its blowing a gale outside. I am also thinking that in about 2 hours i will have to go out in it to hay up the horses for the night! The upside is that i will be coming back into a warm cosy sitting room where the woodburner is chucking out the heat and glowing nicely!
Winter is full of contrasts - I find that a dull cold day makes me feel dull and down too, but a sharp frost and blue skies just lifts the spirits.

With Christmas nearly here the thing that makes me smile are the lovely twinkling lights - we have just put some up - even now in this horrible weather i just love looking at them. When we were up in London the other weekend i just loved all the lights, they just make me feel happy. When our nearest town had its lights put on there was a huge crowd and just behind me was a little boy with his mum and dad - as soon as the lights came on he just went 'oh wow' and on his face was just one big smile - that made my evening. So here are some pictures which i hope will make you feel good too!



dottycookie said...

Oh wow! We've not been up this year (we tend to hibernate!) but it does look very very tempting ...

Indigo Blue said...

The lights look lovely. We wanted to take Sophie to see the Wizard of Oz in London this Christmas but all of the tickets ave gone. We shall try in the New Year.
How are you?