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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

sewing mojo!

Seem to have got my sewing mojo set in overdrive at the moment!  Have a list of at least 10 things i want to make!  One of the things i have made recently is another skirt - i made one last year and loved it - its an Amy Butler pattern, very simple but fits perfectly!  Sooo satisfying to make a skirt for around a tenner, with lining and all and my zips seem to get better with each one!  As it is Jubilee this year i saw this fabric and decided to make some cushions to send to my Aunt in Germany plus one each for my cousins, i hope they like them!  I always seem to be making bunting, usually for other people but this time i did some for me.

At last the sun is shining and i have been  sitting outside, having a cupa and looking at some quilting books for inspiration - only trouble with that is i end up wanting to make everything! 

Bought some lovely flowers which i have now put in the kitchen and they make me smile everytime i go past them.

Lets hope the sun  keeps shining!



dottycookie said...

Lovely patriotic cushions. I could imagine them in a chair in the garden being wonderfully cheerful.

Are those stocks? I bet they smell as good as they look.

Kitty said...

Those stocks are so pretty - I haven't had any for a long time.

Just love those skirts, Maria - I can't remember the last time I made myself something to wear. Well done you. x

jennyflower said...

Wow! Go girl! xx

Twiggy said...

Oooo I love stocks so pretty, the cushions are ace.
Twiggy x

Locket Pocket said...

It's great you've found your sewing mojo again! Mine has been missing for ages too but I (very badly) knocked out some cushions at the weekend because I felt like our sitting room needed brightening up. xx