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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mojo returning!!!

I think trashy has worked her magic, and the crafting is returning! Went shopping in Bath and had to call in my favorite quilting shop, Country Threads, for a bit of retail therapy! recently bought some lovely fabrics there for a new quilt but didn't get enough for the sashing, so here it is

Also bought this pattern as it looked fun and i was assured it was really easy and quick!

knitting mojo has definitely returned! must be these cold evenings! bought some lovely soft yarn in beautiful colours

and a pattern book

am just doing some fingerless gloves and a scarf to start -never used this yarn before!

my kidsilk haze wrap/scarf is coming along

it is sooooo soft, i just love it! might be finished in time for next winter tho!!!

Finally finished my last gift in the stitching angel swap and have sent it on its way:

i hope my swap partner likes it, i have included a few little goodies as well - it has been such fun doing it! I have found out that my lovely angel is called Joy, and i had the last part of my swap come today and its gorgeous and there were some lovely presents as well. So thank you soo much Joy i am very lucky to have had you as my swap partner. (pics will be on next blog!)

Finally, got round to making a pud today - Bread Pudding

yuummmm - had my bit with lashings of custard -not very good for the figure but blooming good for the taste buds!!!
(if any one wants the receipe just let me know - it is sooooo easy to make).
well, that went on a bit!!! time to go i think!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Maria - I'm so glad to see your mojo has returned - good old Trashy! In fact you seem to have been very busy and very productive! Lucy xxx

Kitty said...

Wooohooo, so glad the mojo is returning (must've been away and come back with Trashy's Box!)

I love the scarf you're making - looks so soft. That pattern looks fab too.

Take care. x

LizzieJane said...

So happy that you are "crafty" once again. What lovely things you bought, but my favorite is the bread pudding, it definately is bread pudding weather around here!

Gina said...

The scarf looks gorgeous and as for the bread pudding... yum! My mum always made bread pudding with lots of spice and I love it! Yet I've never made it so now I'm tempted.

Lesley said...

Hooray for the mojo!!

I love the wrap/scarf - gorgeous colours!

My mind is turning to knitting too. There's something lovely about dark winter evenings spent knitting :)

Your bread pudding looks fab. My Mum used to make a mean bread pud.
I might have to make one for Moogsdad after seeing yours!


Bethany Hissong said...

Oh yum! I love Bread Pudding! Your quilt pattern looks similar to the one I'm working on... all rectangles. It goes quickly IF you actually do work on it, unlike me who just looks at it occasionally!!! I love your new yarn and your scarf is so pretty!

trasha said...

You do magic with Kidsilk Haze. I can't quite get my head around it. Oh! Should I be using needles??

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad the mojo is back! The pattern you bought is easy, several of my friends have done it multiple times. Love the wool you bought, I just want to reach out and touch it! Too bad my arm can't reach from here in Canada to England. LOL

dottycookie said...

Glad you're feeling crafty again! That Freedom Spirit is lovely and knits up well - I made a hat in it last year and I love it.

Bethany Hissong said...

Have you started your quilt yet? ;)

Blossom said...

I love your kidsilk haze wrap/scarf its just gorgeous!!!!

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely colour knitting yarn. I have never had a knitting mojo, just an on-going battle which i am determind to overcome. i have just bought two lots of wool over the past two weeks. I shall feature them next week. i am going to start my first knitted garment without my mum's help!!!