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Thursday, 2 October 2008


i think i may have overdone it a bit!

although its been sunny today, where we are, on top of a hill, its gradually got more and more windy and its got blooming cold!

Outside doing the horses this eve it was freezing!

so i did what i always do when cold - got into a hot bath - boy was it hot! i think i realised i had the water maybe a tad too hot when as soon as i got in i turned pink (not a pretty site!). needless to say i did not stay in too long (what a waste of water i hear you say - oh no hubby getting in later, but we don't want to go there, bless him!) - as i got out i felt a tad wobbly and had to grab a towel and go sit on my bed!!

morale of this tale - don't be an idiot!

just in case you wondered am now feeling okay - very, very warm and toasty!

why is it i wonder that as soon as it starts to get dark early and cold, i just want to stay indoors and snuggle up! I think i should just hibernate, but then i'd miss too much!

that's all really.
just thought i'd pop in a pic - our cat winnie (14) - scary cat!!



LizzieJane said...

I am the same as you, the only thing that gets me warm if I am really cold is a hot bath, I a;so have it way to hot and get a little wobbly at times to, isn't it nice to know there is someone else just like you!
Beautiful cat by the way!

trashalou said...

Tee hee! Bright pink would clash with your hair!

Bethany Hissong said...

She's a beautiful a cat! I think I should be a cat too because I am like you, when it's getting chilly outside, I just want to sleep and curl up and read... not move. So we'll see how great I am at keeping to this 5K training schedule!!! (An alien must have taken over my body!!!)

Gina said...

Mmmmm... lost count of the times I'd thought I'd warm myself up with a hot bath and ended up pink and dizzy!

Kitty said...

I have to admit, I do like those really hot baths that make your skin turn pink. I know it's not good for me, but I still do it. x

Lesley said...

I know that feeling!!

I'm getting nothing done in the evenings right now as I just want to snuggle on the sofa in my pj's!


Annie said...

I feel like that too when it's dark and cold. You sound a little blue. Perhaps a movie under a quilt and some hand stitching is in order. I find blogland is very inspiring and encouraging. It's great to have friends out there any time of the day and night. Thinking of you.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hasn't it got cold? I'm permanently freezing (and grumpy about it too!) Lucy x

Linda said...

Winnie is gorgeous!
VT gets rather cold even in the Fall and I find that there are days that I do not even want to get out of bed and if I get out of bed I just want to sit in the recliner with a quilt! lol
Glad you are feeling better now!

Brenda said...

I do that too! I am a firm believer that the fastest way to warm up is to take a hot shower. Now if you start to get a little light headed, well, maybe you're done. LOL!
I can't count the times I've had to sit on the side of the tub because I was a little too tipsy for the "getting dressed" task...I know I'm in that "idiot" category myself. But at least I'm toasty! HAHAHA!
If I had a larger tub I would have scolded myself
a few times! Our old house has a tiny tub so we only take showers!