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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Ladies who Lunch!

This week has been a very lovely one - i think i may rapidly be turning into a 'lady who lunches' - well maybe lets forget the 'lady'!!! No only did i have two lunches but i also had a lovely time meeting Trashy for coffee - although she had hot chocolate and i had tea!!! It turned into a bit of a show and tell as Trashy showed me all the lovely projects she was working on! The first lunch was with my Mum - i picked her up and took her shopping, as Dad can't get about like he used to, so she treated me to lunch. Then my lovely friend Ness suggested we had a pub lunch as we hadn't had one for ages - it was great and we both had a Pimms - even though it was not very summerlike outside!

Also this week i had, what is rapidly becoming my weekly 'fix', a morning of knit and natter at Tamsyns. Although its called knit and natter we were all doing different things - i started with a bit of crochet - trying to finish my bag - which i almost have - just got to do the handles and can't make up my mind whether to crochet some or maybe add some leather or fabric - anyway here it is - tada!!

The colours are not quite what i wanted as i just used all the bits of wool i had to hand and i did not really plan anything but am still happy that i made it!

One of the other ladies was making beautiful corsages - some out of kidsilk haze

Tamsyn was sewing buttons on this scarf - the picture does not do it justice!

Then i just had to have a browse round the shop - its full of such lovely things, fabrics and yarn and lots of bags! soooo tempting.

Tamsyn then said she had had a delivery of yarn, so she got the boxes out and we pounced - i just had to buy these two balls of yarn - such gorgeous colours and almost like handspun. (Sorry no pic - have problem uploading this one - will put on next post!!)

This week i have also joined in the 'around the world quilting bee' - there are 25 of us and we each make a block and send it on to the next person - when you get someone's block you make one to compliment it and send it on - so we should all get back 25 blocks to make a quilt with! how great is that. Just hope i can turn out the goods well enough - anyway here is my block.

Well enough of the chatter - better get on - its not very nice here today - cloudy, raining and very very windy - which is just what i don't need as i'm about to move the electric fencing and it takes long enough when its not blowing a gale!!

hope you all have a lovely weekend.


flossyblossy said...

Ooohh....and i get to meet you at the Festival of Quilts - how exciting!!!!

Working Mom Knits said...

Your block is beautiful!

ps: I'm about to embark on a knitted floor rug using up bits of random cotton yarn - hope it turns out 1/2 a nice as your bag.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It all sounds like the perfect way to spend your time!! Lucy x

Gina said...

I can only agree with Lucy... a great way to pass the days! (If only it was always like that!) I like your crochet bag... might have to try one of those!

Tamsyn said...

Your bag and your quilting looks fab. Can i join you for lunch one day would like to be a lady that lunches ;) mostly i just grab a buiscuit! Sounds like a great week. c ya tommorow x

Tamsyn said...

Lovely to see you this morning..the socks looking good :) my new blog is x

Kitty said...

That block is a wonderful starting point for a quilt. Can't wait to see what you all make for this project of Joanna's.

Going out for lunch sounds like a great idea. We should all do it more often! x