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Saturday, 2 May 2009


Just a quick post - Tamsyn has got some lovely fabrics just in and is having a giveaway tomorrow - so pop on over and have a look.
Its been a beautiful day here - i had a lovely morning wandering round Shaftesbury as they were having a food fair - the smells were delicious - lots of lovely things being cooked - gorgeous cakes and breads! I wish i could show you pics but i was in such a rush to get out the door this morning i left the blooming camera at home!!! I did buy a lovely fruit cake but decided i'd get my breadmaker going when i got home, so now, whilst i am blogging, there are lovely fresh bread aromas wafting round me - making my stomach rumble!!!
I was then a very naughty girl and nipped in our local fabric and yarn store and bought some Rowan Little Big Wool and some Handknit Cotton - the little big wool is for my crochet (told you i like fast results) and i'm doing mahoosive granny squares (well compared to everyone elses!) to make a blanket!
hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like you had a nice day! It's funny how desperate we are to take photos of everything now that we have blogs! Would we have photographed a farmers' market in pre-blog days?

Lucy x

Joy said...

It's funny, I was thinking the same thing as Lucy Locket!!! My DD2 is always having a chuckle at the things I photograph now - knowing full well it's going to make it onto my blog!!!
Glad you had a fun day Maria ... now I want to dust the cobwebs off my breadmaker too LOL!!
Joy :o)

Kitty said...

Sounds like a lovely day Maria - well done on practising more crochet. I'm still trying too! (That is trying at crochet, not 'just' trying ... although I'm that too!)


Blossom said...

it all sounds lovely.......
I have been cooking a bit more lately.....have piklet batter awaiting me now.

silverpebble said...

Granny Squares? Seriously serious crochet - I'm impressed! Sounds as though you had a lovely day - and thanks for the tip about the giveaway, Emma x