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Sunday, 23 August 2009


Was soooo excited yesterday - went to the festival of quilts at the nec - wahooo!!! Went with trashy - 2 1/2 hour journey but sooo worth it - the closer we got the more hyper we became!
BUT, not only were we going to be looking and,( possibly (haha) buying fabric, seeing amazing quilts, but we were going to meet these two lovely ladies - Katy and Brioni! (also known as imagingermonkey and flossybossy!)

It was so nice to meet them and they were sooo very lovely and great fun to be with - what was also great is that they are both doing the around the world quilt block swap, so it was fun to compare notes.

When we arrived we didn't dive straight for the fabrics - very restrained for me - we looked at some mini quilts
I did take quite a few pics but i won't bore you with them all!!! Some of the quilts are absolutely mind blowing, and some not so! But even the ones i personally did not like, i had to admire the skill and the huge amount of work put into each one. These are some of the larger quilts. i just loved the simplicity of this red quilt, but the amount of quilting was amazing!

This next one i loved because of its quirkiness - made from recycled paper bags and labels, it was just beautiful
what made it more interesting was this label on the quilt (pointed out to me by Katy!)
my namesake!

I also met the lovely Janet Clare - if you have not heard of her check out her blog and website - she is very talented and a very very nice lady to talk to (and so's her mum!)this is her stand, i just love her quilts and appliqued blankets she made mine and trashy's day when she machined freehand on some woollen blanket, some chickens for trashy and some sheep and chickens for me. I will post pics of these later.

The day went by so fast and i couldn't believe when it was nearly five! So we said goodbye to Katy and Brioni, and how lovely it had been to meet them. Thanks girls for a brilliant day!
2 1/2 hr drive home, exhausted but very, very happy!


silverpebble said...

You really are three very lucky sausages indeed. Such beautiful things! It's funny - I visited Janet Clare's blog for the first time last week. Fabulous post!

trashalou said...

It really was triffic fun wasn't it? I may just have to direct people over here because your pics are smashing Missus.

There was great deal of restraint exercised I thought amongst the laughter and storytelling and fabric-stroking that went on.

I even more in awe of Janet Clare's talent and skill having now actually seen just how she freehands those pictures. Shall we have a playday to try and give it a go?

flossyblossy said...

It was lovely to meet you too Maria and I had such a lovely time with you all!
The bunny is still haunting me though!! Haha

ladybelle1234 said...

I'm so jealous that you get to meet some of the ladies from ATWQS. I would love to meet you all. Sounds like you had a great time.

Joy said...

What a fun day .... quilt show, fabrics and meeting up with bloggy friends!!! Would have loved to have come with you :o)!!
Joy :o)

Katy said...

I had such a great day. I think we were all so very well behaved with shopping, and general misbehaving too. Which, judging Trash's reputation, was a miracle ;)

It was great to meet you - I hope we can do it again next year?!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh it sounds like a lovely day! Not jealous at all.......!

Lucy x

Moogsmum said...

Ooh what a fabulous day out! I'd love to go to the Festival of Quilts but my silly in-laws always seem to book 'the family holiday' for then.....I know where I'd rather be ;)


dottycookie said...

It sounds lovely - I'm only a very tiny bit envious!

Dionne said...

What a lovely time you must have had! Lucky you, having the opportunity to meet some other ATWQS ladies. I feel so remote from everyone, way out here in the pacific northwest. I LOVE all the pictures, those are really great quilts.

Indigo Blue said...

OOOO, you lucky thing. To meet other bloggers too is lucky, to be able to meet in the fleash and put a face to the name. The mini quilts are lovely too. What a great day out.

Pomona said...

Thank you for visiting my blog - it is always great to discover new blogs. The quilts look really wonderful!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

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