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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Variety is the spice of life!

or so they say! I know we Brits always talk (and moan) about the weather - but at the moment you just never know what to expect. We have had soo much rain that one of my paddocks is like a churned up mudbath and when i went to get the two coloured horses in, they were just plastered in mud!!! The other day it started raining at lunch time and didn't stop for four solid hours, it was just hammering down
there was thunder and lightening too!

But there's always an upside - i took advantage of the enforced stay indoors and finished off some commissions
sorry about the rubbish pic, camera playing up!

and then i did some more crochet squares
these will eventually (i hope) make a blanket - but the speed i go at, and the way i seem to get distracted (never!) with other projects, it may take me a while!

Anyway, the next morning i woke up to brilliant sunshine, so i took my cuppa outside and saw this
they were quite low so i could hear them laughing and then they started waving. Lilly, who has seen balloons before just barked at them, Molly just rushed around wondering what she was barking at until the gas burners went on, on my god she nearly had a heart attack, she had no idea where it was coming from and was looking everywhere to see where the 'monster' was!

Today seems to be turning into a lovely day with this changeable weather the thing that seems to be flourishing , is the garden - everything is growing like made - which is a good thing, as long as i can keep up with it!

so, no more blogging, am off now to pick some veg. Hope you all have a lovely day.


Gina said...

We're certainly getting plenty of variety!

Working Mom Knits said...

Your hand work is fantastic! And the garden looks wonderful! So much talent is one little lady :)

Joy said...

Omg, so much rain!!! We haven't had any for a while now. We could really use some, the grass is getting dry and crackly again. Your gardens are looking just beautiful and lush and green!!!
Love your crocheted squares and your stitching too - I love stitching when it's raining outside ;o).
Hope you enjoyed your fresh picked vegies!!!
Joy :o)

Indigo Blue said...

Snap! I took some corchet on holiday with me and I am now sewing it all together. Glad to see on Flickr that your quilt has arried in Florida. I am glad as I was starting to worry for you. Nice starter block too.

flossyblossy said...

I know, I can't believe just how much rain we've had!!
Lovely crochet squares. B.x.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm laughing at the image of your poor dog rushing round looking for the fire-breathing monster!!!

Lucy x

Dionne said...

We haven't had much rain out this way, and we are called the rain-city! It's been almost blue skies, well dry skies at least. Oh, except for two days ago, forgot about that. Your crochet squares look GREAT!

Julie said...

Cute vegie patch.

clare's craftroom said...

How wonderful having that ballon so close . Glad you've been catching up on your stitching .

silverpebble said...

Lovely crochet Maria, and there's so much loveliness in this post! I get excited when I see hot air balloons too. I don't usually bark though. Usually.