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Monday, 2 November 2009


I have to say that i don't know how you all do it!!! Do what you say? I have just been catching up on all your lovely blogs and seeing all the lovely things you are making. But how do you manage to fit it all in? Do you not sleep? No matter how i try my to do list seems to be getting bigger and things finished getting smaller. Everyday i have good intentions to get some sewing/knitting done and everyday i seem to be doing everything but!!! Its not that i sit idle you understand, but other more mundane things seem to override my day!

I'm not moaning just am in awe !

Anyhoo, am just off to do dinner and hopefully after that some sewing! Sorry there are no pics as have not had time to download them! Hopefully will do a proper post soon - i think i just need to get more organised - now where did i put that pen and paper?



jennyflower said...

Honestly? I buy it all in from China and cut off the tags! ;0) xx

dottycookie said...

Believe me, if you could see my to do list you'd need to sit down - which is just what I'm doing ;-)

flossyblossy said...

I know exactly what you mean about the 'to do' list getting longer and longer!!

Jo in TAS said...

It's all about balance, my hubby does the mundane and I do the fun stuff! Hee! Hee! only kidding. I have to set myself deadlines, if I don't the project is less likely to get finished.

Joy said...

He he .... Maria if you could see my house right now you'd know how I'm doing it LOLOL.
Hmmmm, maybe tomorrow he he.
Joy :o)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I agree with Joy's comment above!

I saw a great pattern by Natalie Bird in my local quilt shop on Saturday. It said something like this:

The garden is overgrown.
The house is a pigsty.
My hair is a mess.
But you should see what I've SEWN!

That's my way of living!!!

Lucy x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

ok, so now I can't find the pattern anywhere so it may not be by natalie bird after all - but it's still funny!

lucy x

silverpebble said...

I love that quote Lucy found. Perfect! You have a small farm to look after by the sounds of it. That's enough for anyone. Don't worry! Have a cuppa and a muffin!

Moogsmum said...

My crafty to do list grows every day - especially when I'm reading blogs or lurking on Ravelry. If I spent a bit less time doing either of the above I'm sure I'd get more ticked off that list!

I think you do loads - especially with all that very physical animal husbandry you have going on!!