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Thursday, 18 February 2010

This and That

Have been trying to do some crafting every day - no matter how tired i am!!! I must admit that once i've got started the old enthusiam kicks in, but then i go the other way and start trying new stuff! There are sooo many things i want to do - and when i look through some of my books i just wonder when i'm ever going to have enough time!!!
I saw a pattern for the above scarf so just had to start it - in my favourite yarn - KSH!

Then i decided to sort out my unfinished projects - the above quilt being one of them - i put it together early last year but had not got around to adding backing and wadding - so have now done that and then, unfortunately i decided to machine quilt - god knows why as i always hand quilt - well i should have left well alone - i do not like what my sewing machine has done!! However as it is just for me i have decided to hand quilt the sashing and make the best of a bad job!! If nothing else i have learned something from this experience, neither I nor my machine are ready for machine quilting - i need lots more practice!!

Yesterday some yarn arrived - yay!!! Its for my crochet blanket - have so far done 36 squares and am probably going to do another 20 or so!

The next thing i started - this afternoon!!! - is something for a swap organised by Trashy - but i can't tell you what it is as she is my swap partner!!!! But here's a peak!

Well i hope you are all having a good week in spite of the weather - although yesterday was lovely, blue skies and sunshine, if a bit cold! At the moment it is absolutely chucking it down and i don't think Molly will appreciate a walk - especially as she looks so very cosy!!!



trasha said...

Squeeeeee! How exciting to see luvverly goodies with my name attached.

Hahahahahaha, word verification is 'graft' - looks like the work put into quilting that WIP has been recognised!

noelle said...

Blimey, you've been busy! I love the quilt x x

jennyflower said...

The quilt is very pretty, but I am totally with you on the horrors of machine quilting. I am now a totally confirmed hand quilter!

Karen said...

Taking up a hobby, like knitting for example, is also a nice way to rejuvenate those brain cells. So just continue what you're doing. You're such a creative person. Keep it up!

Joy said...

Love the scarf you're knitting!! I can't wait for it to get cold here so that I can wear the gawjus one you made for me :o)!!! So... what are you making for Trashie??? C'mon, you can trust me, I won't tell ;o).
Joy :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You've been doing loads! Your quilt looks gorgeous - but I'm worried about your comments about machine quilting as I was just trying to psych myself up to machine quilt my zig-zag quilt - maybe I should also stick to hand quilting?!?! Lucy x

JuicyFig said...

I love all your knitting, wool and quilts!

I am NEVER happy with my machine quilting - so have a pile of quilt tops to finish - eventually!


silverpebble said...

Ooh, this post is full of lovely busy things! Your quilt is especially gorgeous Maria - the colours make me think of spring. Tell me, what is the colour changey yarn to the left of your header? It's so lovely.

MarmaladeRose said...

The quilt look lovely, what happened with the machine? Did you use a special 'walking foot'? This chomps all the layers along at the same rate to reduce puckering.

I'm just about to start hand quilting my patchwork quilt. Not done it by hand before - any tips?

Mama said...

I too love KSH!!!