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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Positive thinking!!

Yesterday was sooo miserable - it was chucking it down with rain and i'm so fed up with ploughing through mud - so i decided to list down all the positive and lovely things in my day instead of being an old misery!!!

Firstly was tea and cake with a very lovely friend- although i say tea, she's more of a hot chocolate/J2O kind-of-a-gal!! Such a lovely way to start the day!. Then it was back to reality for a while - pushing wheelbarrow round muddy, sodden paddocks! (even the horses are fed up with this weather!)

However the upside was then coming in to yet another cuppa and a bit of sewing


Then a bit of housework - just to show willing!!! This was interrupted somewhat when tidying up books - i'm easily distracted!!!

Finally in the evening i actually finished something!!!Yay!! My quilt - its definitely not perfect especially as i machine quilted the strips - did not like it very much - and then decided to hand quilt the sashing!

But it will do to snuggle up with!



trash said...

your quilt is beautiful. from the way you were going on about it yesterday I was preparing myself for something much more Frankenstein's monster-ish.

So see you same place next week?

Gina said...

Busy day - I think your quilt looks fine! I'm fed up with the mud too.

Joy said...

Love your quilt, and you've handquilted it too ... I'm impressed :o). Sounds like a lovely day .... not the pushing a barrow through the mud bit - the tea and cake bit, and the sewing and stuff too ;o). What are you making next??
Joy :o)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a good idea to list the positives! Do you think I should do that when I'm at work????

Your quilt looks lovely!

Locket xxm

dottycookie said...

I think your quilt is lovely and looks very snuggly, which is, after all, the main thing :-)

I agree, go away mud. I'm sick of cleaning it off the kitchen floor.

Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like you had a productive day. Tea always makes me feel better too! Stay positive and look on the bright side, the rain has to stop eventually!

clare's craftroom said...

Love your quilt and so glad you can see the bright side , take care .

Kitty said...

Your quilt looks wonderful Maria - well done, I know how hard it is to get something that big, all finished.

I'm fed up with February, aren't you? It's been rubbish!


julie said...

positive thinking is definitely the best way to get through this wet and horrible tail-end of winter, though hot chocolate, sewing and a beautiful quilt definitely help too!

Michaela said...

What a gorgeous quilt! As to this weather, I am sick sick sick of it. Sick I tell you.

Pomona said...

Lovely quilt - and far more fun than housework, I am sure!

Pomona x

noelle said...

great quilt, you must be pleased!