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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Living on the edge!

This morning my lovely daughter asked if i could do her a favour - so of course i said yes. She then said could i bid for something on ebay for her!! She had been watching this item for a couple of days and the bidding was going to end whilst she was at work. Now i have never, ever done anything on ebay - but i thought it can't be that hard. So she gave me her details and showed me what she had been watching - a pair of these -they are dubarry boots and apparently cost a fortune - i looked at their website and couldn't believe how much they cost!! No wonder she'd looked on ebay.

So the closing time was half 3 this afternoon - i didn't bother looking until lunchtime and saw the price had not changed - so far so good! I was okay until it got to half hour before bidding closed - suddenly i started feeling a bit anxious and ever so slightly perspiring (that could have been because it was hot today!). She had told me not to bid until the last five minutes - i sat there watching the bidding - then at the appropriate time put in her bid - someone came after me, so i upped it! We are now 1 minute away from closing - it got to 30 seconds and i had already entered another amount ready to bid if someone popped in! I was the top bidder!! Then at 20 seconds to go someone else bid!! By the time i had entered in my amount it was too late!!!

I text Em and she was fine about it - she's done it all before so she knows the deal! I decided i'm definitely not cut out for this bidding lark!!

I think i need a cuppa and a lie down!!!



all kinds of everything said...

I hope you are feeling better by now:))
Oh, I recognize your story
After two years of stress, I now learned you can give a maximum bid and then ebay does the bidding for you!
Have a wonderful week,

Scented Sweetpeas said...

It is strange how tense you get bidding in those last few seconds. Like Suzanne said if you leave it until about 1 minute and then put the max you want to pay in it will just up it to the next notch e.g. £1.00, £1.10p, £1.20p if someone else pops a bid in and they only have a few seconds to bid against you then anyway.

jennyflower said...

But the thrill when you 'win'? What a buzz! ;0)

trash said...

This alone is probably why I never even look on ebay now. The stress that comes with just thinking about it is almost enough to overwhelm me.

Jo in TAS said...

Ohh the stress, and bidding for someone else, double the stress! Nice boots though, I can see why she wants them.

Joy said...

Good old ebay ... sure to get the heart racing he he.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh the stress of Ebay!!! I know it well! Lucy x

Kitty said...

It happens. I am an eBay verteran - it's quite exciting sometimes, but other times, I just put in my top price and walk away - leave it to the Gods to decide if I get the item or not.

Well done for having a go, and I hope your daughter manages to get a pair of Dubarry's eventually.


Gina said...

That sounds far too stressful! Don't think I could cope with ebay.

sew katie did said...

I bid at the last second with my highest price. That way I'm never tempted to go above what I can afford.

Annie said...

I know that feeling - done it a few times myself!