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Friday, 28 May 2010

Slight Mishap!!

I thought things were going too well - i was having a very productive afternoon -
finishing off some bunting orders
leaving me some time to do a little jam making - rhubarb jam - never made it before but as we have rather a glut of the stuff thought i'd give it a go!

Then a bit of baking for the weekend - I say that, but with my family it will probably be eaten today!!!As i said, it was all going well until this happened -

the dishwasher decided to flood the kitchen floor and the cupboard next to it!!! Oh well, good reason to clean out the cupboard i suppose!!
Wishing you all a lovely bank holiday weekend.


dottycookie said...

Oh what a pain! My freezer defrosted itself earlier in the week which is almost as annoying - but not quite!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh YAK! Horrible leaky things! But if you have a rhubarb glut you should try the cake I had today at my friend's house - apparently it's on the Good Food website and it is DELICIOUS!!! Lucy x

jennyflower said...

Is that sponge going to be sandwiched wit the rhubarb jam? YUM! Sorry about your leak- we had the bath leak at the weekend after I cleaned the plug hole out too well! Apparently hair and soap is a pretty effective water proof seal- who knew?

Tamsyn said...

ahhh that looks like domestic bliss, until the dishwasher played up! Bunting looks fab and the cakes and jam very yummy :) now ..get back to sewing you know you have a whole shelf to fill ;) lol
Kate popped over to shop yesterday and is getting excited, can't wait to see all your bunting and sewing in the new shop. Its going to be fab!
Have a great bankholiday weekend x

Gina said...

Oh dear! We have some leakage from our dishwasher at the moment which we are dealing with by having towels on the floor when we run it!
Your baking looks delicious.