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Monday, 22 November 2010


After, what seemed like forever, a long two weeks of not doing much, this weekend kicked off with a trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter - i'm sorry if you are not a fan but i love the books and the films and was certainly not disappointed with this one. It was brilliant and i just wished it could have gone on and on! Why is it that even when you know the story you still jump at some of the scary bits!! Em and i both jumped at one point (one of the snake (Nagini) moments!) but what was even funnier was that the lady next to me jumped a lot higher!!! We then proceeded to get a fit of the giggles at what was a serious moment - we did keep it quiet but it took us a few minutes to get under control!

Saturday turned into a very crafty day with some much needed sewing and knitting and i finally finished my SSCS swap presents - i cannot show you them as the main present does not get opened until Christmas Day but here they are ready for the off.
I love doing surprises and hope my swap partner is happy with what i've made!
On Sunday these two little bundles arrived - don't be fooled by the cute look - Dukes - the one looking at the camera is a whirling dervish and just full of mischief - he growls and hisses at the dogs - they have only been introduced with a partition between them so far but i think i know who is going to be top dog - or rather top cat! Little Miley is much calmer and loves being cuddled. Needless to say they are a pair of time wasters!

Well that's all for now - back to housework - bah!



Chookyblue...... said...

beautifully wrapped.........wonder where they will land...........

dottycookie said...

Oooh, I want to see HP - might have to take in a sneaky daytime show sans kids ... hmmmmm.

Joy said...

I'm busting to see Harry Potter ... don't know when we'll get there though. Glad you're all better after your op ... and I hope you made the most of your 2 weeks of not being able to do much ;o).
Do love the new furry kids, they're so adorable!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Gina said...

Cute kittens!

trash said...

you got kittehs!!!!!!

Em said...

I've fallen asleep and snored during every other HP film so my children have banned me from going to see this one!
Kittens!!!!! They are sooo cute!!!
Em xxxxxxxx