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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Here we go again!!

Woke up this morning to this!! Mind you, so did a lot of people! So it was up early to make sure the horses were all hayed up and the ice broken on their water buckets! Then i quickly got some bird feeders out full of nuts and other tasty goodies. Our one and only chicken was definitely not impressed - she popped her head out of her hen house and then quickly popped it back in - not that i blame her! The blithering outside tap is frozen already but i'm hoping it might defrost so i can use it later!

The best bit about this weather is when, having done all outside jobs and made sure all animals cosy and well fed, i go back inside to a lovely warm sitting room, woodburner roaring away, mahoosive mug of tea and some cake.... ahh, bliss!

hope you all have a lovely weekend!



Em said...

Looks lovely!!
But I only like the sound of the last bit...the rest is too cold for me!
Have a great weekend.
Em xxx

Joy said...

Yep, I'm with Em!!! I'll take the mahoosive cuppa and cake by the fire :o). I don't 'do' cold - brrrr!!!!!
Joy :o)

Indigo Blue said...

It all looks very picturesque but cold no doubt! It has been -2 here in Cornwall today.

julie said...

Sounds like bliss indeed. The best bit about the cold and snowy weather is definitely snuggling up inside with tea and cake and looking out on it!

Kitty said...

The snow looks pretty, but is so totally impractical. It's rained here today - all the snow is gone, thank goodness. x