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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Birthdays - you either love them or hate them!!! I decided i would love them but just wouldn't think about the you-know - 'number'!!! Anyho, had one last week and was thoroughly spoilt - spent a few days at a lovely hotel in Bournemouth being waited on - bliss!!! Then all the family were over at the weekend which was lovely. My children had all clubbed together to get me a present - which Em had thought of - it was to have some acrylic nails done. Now in the winter my nails are c--p - they spilt and just don't seem to grow - i think its to do with always being out in the wet and the cold and washing my hands so much! I had always wanted to give acrylics a go so hence the pressie - well here they are!
Now i have to confess that i did fiddle with them - they were originally the square shaped ones but i just didn't like them so when i got home i filed them into a rounder shape. I kept looking at them because they just didn't look like my hands!!! I almost felt i should dress up! The only down side is that to keep them up is very expensive and too much high maintenance for me - so when they come off in a couple of weeks (they are soaked off apparently) i will not have them done again, just have a mini manicure instead! It was an experience though and i would have them done again, say for a wedding or something.
After opening presents we decided we would all play on Dan's latest toy - its called connect, i think and its to do with the Xbox360 - you can tell can't you that i know such a lot about these things!!! it has various games and you don't need hand controls as some sort of machine just scans you in - very clever. Anyway the upshot was that i beat the pants off them all at bowling - such a hoot! Its actually quite good exercise because you have to move about as if you were doing the games for real, if you get what i mean!
Anyway it was a great end to a lovely few days!
One other very exciting thing to happen was that my quilt from the Around the World Quilt Block Swap (Christmas) arrived! I was soo happy as for a while it looked like it had got lost which would have been a huge shame after all the lovely blocks that had been made for me - anyway here they are - just put out at a random at the moment

I think i will make another 6 blocks and then think about how it is all going to go together! I just want to say a mahoosive thank you to all the lovely girls who have made these blocks, they are all gorgeous!
Well thats all for the moment better go and light the woodburner and think about making dinner!


noknittedknickers said...

Happy birthday! Love the nails. And I know what you mean - the first time I had a manicure (aeons ago) I felt I couldn't wash up for a week. And the quilt pieces are simply lovely.

Gina said...

Belated birthday greetings! Very posh nails but I know what you mean - they don't mix well with animals and winter. Mine are appalling!

dottycookie said...

A late Happy Birthday! My nails are a mess too - but my feet are even worse. I'm not sure you wanted to know that!

Jo in TAS said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'd love to have nails like that!

Joy said...

Happy birthday to you!! Your nails look beautiful ;o). Those blocks are pretty fabulous too, I look forward to seeing them become a gawjus quilt for you.
Love n hugs, Joy xx

Dionne said...

Love the manicure! I always think I should get my nails done, but then I back out because I'm so... frugal.
Oh, and your blocks look fabulous! I almost forgot which one I made, it's been so long since they were out my way!

jennyflower said...

It looks like you had a smashing birthday- and those claws are amazing! Aren't those blocks gorgeous? Can't wait to see it all together. x

Locket Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Maria! I'm very impressed with your nails having always bitten mine short. And your quilt blocks look lovely. Lucy xx

Twiggy said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday. The quilt is going to look stunning.
Twiggy x