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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Brightening a dull day!

Yesterday was a very dull and dismal day - i'm not complaining, i would rather have that than all the blooming snow we had a few weeks ago! As I was mucking out the horses the postman arrived and had some parcels! Yay - how lovely - I quickly finished my jobs and went inside for a cuppa!
The first parcel was from my very special friend Joy - we were both late in our Christmas parcels and decided that they would be New Year ones instead! Ahem, i have a confession that mine is not in the post yet but will be very soon (I have 'fessed up' to Joy!!)
Such gorgeous gifts - i feel very lucky indeed - a beautifully made cushion cover, which is going straight on my bed - some sweets, a lovely little purse, a gorgeous christmas decoration which will be on the tree this year,some scissors and a lovely little chain with a sheep and chicken on it - just perfect!
Thank you Joy for spoiling me rotten!!

I had just gone outside to do some more jobs when it started raining, absolutely bucketing down and blowing a gale!!! Trying to put portions of hay out in piles for the horses in the wind is a nightmare as you can imagine - it goes everywhere! I ended up absolutely soaked. So when i came in I decided a hot bath was in order - bliss!!! I took a cup of relaxing tea with me - The tea worked so well i nearly feel asleep!

With brilliant timing, as i had just finished my last book, the second parcel was more books! So I was looking forward to a cosy evening by the woodburner new book on the go!

Someone else was thinking about cosying up by the fire as well!

But then decided he would cosy up to Lilly instead!

Simple pleasures are always the best!



trash said...

I guess the dogs have stopped barking at the kittens then?

Locket Pocket said...

It sounds like a toasty read in front of the fire was just what you needed. Lovely presents. Lucy x

Indigo Blue said...

The back of your cat's head looks just like our Toffy. He is white with tortoiseshell markings too! Cats know where the warmth is, I have two cats here right now snoring away!

Debbie said...



Twiggy said...

What a lovely parcel. You are so right the weather is grim at the moment and snuggling up in front of the fire is definitely the answer.
twiggy x

Moogsmum said...

Snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book and cuddly pets is the perfect antidote to this glum weather. Minx just went very high pitched at that kitten photo :o)


Dionne said...

Goodness, what lovely mail you have! Your fire looks so toasty and warm, especially with your adorable kitten sitting in the prime spot!

silverpebble said...

Snuggling in front of the fire is one of the best things - it's chilly today so I might light a fire early. Lucky you with your gorgeous gifts!