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Monday, 8 September 2008

Chaos reigns!!

this last week has been chaos in our house - and the reason i have not been in the blogoverse - we are having new floors laid in two of our rooms downstairs - not much problem you might think - well think again!

three rooms of furniture into one - hardly anywhere to sit, no computer (i hear your sharp intake of breath! and my husband is now fully convinced that i am totally hooked on blogging!) - one of the funniest things was trying to operate sky tv with the sky box in one room and the tv in the other - there was much tooing and frooing and not a shortage of strong language!

i have so missed everyone's news so tomorrow will frantically be trying to catch up and will try and do a proper post!

til then --- oh its sooo nice to be back!!



trashalou said...

Does this mean the furniture has been redistributed? Hurray!

And just so your husband knows it is not an addiction, it is a connection with an international like-minded group of women ;-)

Gina said...

Welcome back! Definitely not an addiction - just a necessary part of one's life!

Working Mom Knits said...

Welcome back!!
And happy new floors : )

Kitty said...

Addiction to blogging? Whatever next. Pah ... I think he should have a go himself and then see how quickly he can tear himself away ;-)

Hope you love the new floors.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh! Hope we get to see the new floors soon! I would have gone completely stir crazy without the internet! Lucy x

wonderwoman said...

thanks for all the comments - trashy i shall definitely pass your message on to the hubby! i must say the other things i missed were my stitching and knitting as i couldn't get to them under everything else!

silverpebble said...

Hello again! I wondered where the wonderwoman had gone! Hope you're enjoying the floors. Smiled at the thought of sky problems but I did wince at the thought of no 'pooter - yikes - I would have got the shakes!

Thanks for your comment yesterday.

Lesley said...

You seem very calm considering what you've been through! A week of no internets, sewing and knitting? Torture!

I'm sure your lovely new floors are worth the sacrifice :)


Linda said...

Glad you are back! :)
Can't wait to see pics!
Wishing you lots of time to blog & quilt/sew/stitch! :)

Bethany Hissong said...

I completely understand your withdrawal symptoms!!! I am trying to reconnect with everyone too... all during our trip I kept thinking of how I was going to blog about it all!! And of course most of it won't be included... too much! So, do I understand that you are not fond of chocolate?? I got that impression. I have a friend who is allergic to it (poor guy!). Thanks for all your comments lately!!! Your quilt looks great btw... hopefully mine will start getting put together soon!