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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Never, ever get in the car when your mechanic is testing your ABS brakes!

You would think that no-one would be that mad!!! uummmm, well.... what happened is....

I have been getting the ABS warning light come on and also the TC (traction control, so i'm told!) light and as i use my wagon to tow a horse trailer i am fanatical about keeping it in tip top shape. (geeky points maybe!) So, I thought, i would call in and see our mechanic. (that was my first mistake, should have just rung him up and booked it in!!)

Right then, he said, hop over and i'll give it a drive - my first thought was well i bet it goes ok for him and he'll just think 'woman drivers'! I would point out that we have had Chris as our mechanic for years and he is just brilliant. Any hooo, there is space round the corner from his garage where we could drive it so off we went.

now then, he said, lets give it a go - warning bells started going off in my head, especially when he said 'hold on'! We took off like a bat out of hell heading towards a building..... and i shut my eyes as he slammed on the brakes.... well, they worked a treat, but no warning lights came on...

just do it one more time he said - oh my god, i then remembered that in his spare time he races cars!!!! Off we went again and all i could think of was i was glad i had not had my lunch!!

The be all and end all of it was he thinks there is something wrong with the electrics as there is nothing wrong with my brakes, and i think i probably have whiplash to prove it!!! (slight exaggeration probably!)

Now on to calmer things - my stitching angel swap - i have finally completed two projects, one was of my own design (nothing to get too excited about i can tell you!) and the other was a slight adaptation of a design.

here is a sneaky peek--

The person i am stitching for loves all things vintage so have included a few little extras in the swap.

I just hope my stitching comes up to scratch and she is one very talented lady and makes the most gorgeous scarves!
Think i might just go and have a cuppa now and settle my nerves - pity its afternoon - could do with something stronger!!!



Lesley said...

No-one would notice if you slipped a small dram in your coffee - for medicinal purposes of course!
Your trip to the mechanic's sounds very interesting - I had such a clear picture of you holding on for dear life ;-)
Your stitching angel piece is beautiful and I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled with it.

Gina said...

A drop of something in the afternoon to settle ones nerves is perfectly legitimate I'm sure! Lovely angel.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh crumbs - sounds like you had quite an adventure!!!!

Love your stitching! Lucy x

trashalou said...

Tee hee! Images of you clinging to edges of your 'tractor' as you get thrown around.

By now the sun is well and truly past the yardarm so sup away.

Kitty said...

Careering around with a racey young man? Sounds fab!

That stitching is wonderful, I'm sure your swapee will love it.


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

The sneak peaks have me wondering.... hope to see them soon.

dottycookie said...

Driving in fast cars with boys, eh? I think a large glass is called for!

Lovely stitchery, and what a lucky partner you have.

em's scrapbag said...

What an adventure. Love the stitchery.

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you survived that! I love your stitching!! and your bag. I wish I'd actually finish things I've started!! p.s. never read my blog right away... I add too it for a few more minutes!! ;) I added a video after you read it! Ha! Thanks for your encouragement. You're absolutely right about people!