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Sunday, 14 September 2008

getting there!

very slowly my house is starting to get back to normal - unfortunately my sewing space is last as most of the boxes and stuff were crammed in it!
This is how it looks at the moment:-

the new floors are all finished and oiled and am really pleased with them, it was worth all the hassle:

lots of tidying up and moving of furniture yet, but still, on the final phase as it were!!

Did manage to get some knitting done tho' - have done some squares for WMK's blanket - not as many as i would like!

This week is rather a special week in our family - all three of my children have their birthdays!!

Em's was yesterday and she wanted.... shoes!

My son Dan has his birthday today and Tom's is on Wednesday! I think you might guess that christmas was banned in our house for a few years!!!

PROJECTS - once this week is over and things have calmed down a bit i can finally get going on all my WIP's - i seem to have so many - not least the stitching for my 'stitching angel' swap!

am off to get a cuppa now and make a birthday cake for Dan and pizza (his choice!).



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow to those shoes!!!!

And the floor looks amazing!

But how does your sewing table look so much tidier than mine when you've had so much going on?

Not fair at all!

Lucy x

Michaela said...

Those shoes! Love them!

Tilly said...

Goodness - look at those shoes!

Kitty said...

No.1 is shaping up to have a 'thing' for shoes. That picture of the silver shoes had her salivating - it wasn't pretty.

Happy birthday to all your brood - hope they have fantastic days.

The floor looks fantastic. x

Linda said...

Happy belated Birthday Em!
Happy Birthday Dan!
Happy Birthday Tom - a couple days early!
Those shoes are amazing! Wish I could still wear something like that!
The floors look beautiful! Nice shades of purple on the knitting - love the deep one to the left!

Gina said...

What amazing shoes - wow! Your floor is looking good too!
Happy birthday everyone!

trashalou said...

Em may yet rival our favourite 'Sole Monday' hostess....

Lesley said...

Wow - what fantastic killer heels!!!

I love your new floor. It looks beautiful and well worth all the upheaval. Might want to keep those heels off it!

Good luck with all the birthday celebrations. That's good timing having them all at once!