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Sunday, 2 November 2008

winter is here/frogging!!!

well winter has certainly arrived this week!! its been blooming freezing and yesterday was horrible!!

here i am ready to go out to do the horses - dressed like a michelin man!! or a bank robber!

not a very flattering look but as long as i am wrapped up and warm i'm past caring what i look like and i'm sure the horses/sheep/chickens don't care as long as they are fed!!

they are all happy to come in and have a good feed of hay and a break from the cold and wind and rain!!

the chickens are not happy at all with this wet weather - they can get into their house at any time but i think they are frightened they might miss out on some goodies!!!

Complete change of subject - frogging!!! i had bought some yarn the other week and thought i would knit up a scarf as a present for someone as a quick project inbetween all the other things i'm supposed to be finishing!! something, i thought, i could just do and not have to think about too much! WRONG! This pattern took me ages to get right and i must have frogged about twenty times -- there was all this yarn over, yarn round needle, yarn forward!!! well the yarn certainly went somewhere but not as the pattern it was supposed to be!!! now, i may be wrong, and i'm not an expert, far from it, but i think there was a mistake in the pattern! Now i know a bad workman always blames his tools but i don't think so in this case. However i eventually worked out something and here it is

this is my version and it looks like the picture in the pattern book!!! but it was not a relaxing and stress free project at all!!! but i was determined not to give up!

well this morning at least its stopped raining so i have no excuses not to go outside but i think i might just have one more cuppa and a piece of toast!



Kitty said...

Wasn't it horrible yesterday? :-O Hard, cold rain - chucking it down! That scarf is going to be lovely, and well done you for not giving up.

Oh, and you look fab in your pink robber's mask :-p x

dottycookie said...

Yesterday was horrendous, wasn't it? Crossed fingers today looks drier so far.

Your knitting is a fab pattern, but I'm not sure what a photofit artist would make of your hat and mask!

Joy said...

I don't think I could handle an English winter any more ... it's been 31 years since I experienced one!!
Love your knitting ... unlike my dear Mum I'm no good at it at all - so I have such admiration for those that are. Pretty colours too :o).

Working Mom Knits said...

I think that looks pretty darned good! You may have a new calling "knitwear designer"!

ps: hate to boast but I will: it has been BEAUTIFUL here the past few days : )

trashalou said...

That WMK, she is so mean to tease us. Absolutely freezing here again today.

As for frogging I just about tready ti throw away that project you are waiting for. I frogged a good inch of it last night!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I think you look lovely all snuggled up in your scarf and hat! But will you please wear a few less layers for London or I may struggle to hear you!

Lucy x

Jo in Tas said...

You do look a bit chilly! I got sunburnt on Sunday, summer is definitely coming to the southern hemisphere!

LizzieJane said...

Poor you having such horrible weather and having to go and work outside.
Love your knitting, it is such a wonderful color.

Gina said...

The scarf looks great - beautiful yarn - so worth the effort. I must say you do look like you are about to rob a bank. Very excited to know you are coming to London too!

Lesley said...

It really has gone wintery and dismal this week. Perfect weather for staying indoors or wrapping up like a bank robber!

Our chickens don't seem to understand that rain = wet feathers. They just stand about looking miserable so we end up coaxing them back into their nice dry pen!

Your scarf looks gorgeous and I admire your perseverence - I'd have hidden it at the bottom of my WIP pile and cast something else on!!


Indigo Blue said...

Well the scarf looks great to me!! I have yet to pluck up the courage to start my cardigan. i agree warmth V fashion? i go with warmth!

Blossom said...

don't you just hate when you knit and knit and it doesn't come out right????

love your chooks!!!