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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

lists and more lists!

i think, so far, i must have about 10 lists!!! every day i seem to be making them and adding more things rather than taking any off!! I have lists of things yet to be made, things almost made, things finished (this not as long as it should be!), presents yet to be bought, food and drink to get and so on it goes!!!

Anyway, here are two scarves i have (almost) finished - just need to add some fringing - these are for my sons' girlfriends

so at least i can tick two things off!!!

Em put up the tree on sunday - this pic does not do it credit - she decided on a silver theme this year - and , as usual, we had the Muppets Christmas Carol dvd on at the same time - this has become a tradition over the last few years!

we do have an angel on the top, but i missed her out!!

I had a lovely surprise in the week - a parcel from Joy in Australia

sorry its a bit blurred, but it says do not open til 25th dec - so i am trying to be good and not peek - thank you soo much Joy!

We had a wedding on Saturday - my lovely goddaughter got married - it was a day of mixed emotions really . She looked gorgeous, but the weather was absolutely freezing!! it was definitely love that got her through!

unfortunately my camera skills went out the window - luckily Em took some lovely pics!

Right thats all for the moment, time for hot chocolate and a bit more knitting, and quite possibly, another list!


Kitty said...

Lovely to 'see' you posting ... I've been thinking of you.

The tree looks really pretty, as do the bride and bridesmaids.

I've got lists too ... shopping ones, present ones, food ones, 'people to see' ones ... will it ever all come together? :-O


Joy said...

Love your scarves!!!! Hard to imagine you freezing over there while we're sweating it out down here LOL. Temps in the 30s (C) here at the moment.
Mustn't open the pressie Maria ... Santa is watching you (He he). I'm being good too, I haven't opened the one you sent me ... gosh I hope the paper doesn't get torn when I re-arrange the pressies under the tree (snicker snicker...). I'm off now for a cold drink in the air-con' ;o).
Joy :o)

Moogsmum said...

Your scarves are lovely - perfect for this frrrrreezing weather!

The wedding looks beautiful and such perfect colours for this time of year.

Thank you so much for my gorgeous decorations! I've just realised I haven't emailed you and now I'm on the wrong computer (can't email from laptop!) so I thought I'd say thank you here instead!

Hoping to blog them later xxx

silverpebble said...

Very very restrained of you to manage not to open that bloggy parcel before the big day.

Lovely knittiness there Maria, and your tree is extremely tasteful. Well done Em.

You may have already done so but can you email me your address?

Emma x

Dionne said...

I love lists, I would be lost without my lists! But like you, them seem to be growing around this time of year instead of shrinking! Keep at it, you'll get 'em yet. Your scarves are so beautiful and I'm sure the wedding was as well.

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful scarves, just what we all need in this freezing cold weather! What fun, a wedding and such wonderful colors too.