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Friday, 9 January 2009

Brrrr part 2 and some knitting

I promise this is the last Brrrr - but it was such an amazing morning i nipped out with my camera!

it was quite eerie as the horses just loomed (is that right?) out of the fog and frost

On closer inspection they were covered in frost - on their whiskers, tails, manes!

this pic doesn't do it justice but you get my drift!

The garden looked amazing - shame the pics didn't!

Enough of the cold now!

I have decided to stop just looking at all my lovely craft books, and they are lovely, and to actually get a move on!

so - 1 pair of wristwarmers!

Got some lovely yarn to add to my stripey wrap - which, if i had got a move on, i could now be wearing!!

Have started on some applique and stitchery pics - which my lovely friend Sarah sells in her shop (sometimes!)

the above is a work in progress - its going to be a birth stitchery - have just outlined it at the moment!

So now feel justified in having a large cuppa and a toasted tea cake and a quick browse, just a very quick one, at some fabrics which happen to be in a sale!

oh, by the way, my next post will be my 50th so i will be having a giveaway!



Gina said...

The frost really was beautiful this morning. I went for a long walk with my friend but I'm glad to be back in the warm! I love the colours in your stripey wrap. It looks so warm and cosy. Your post also reminded me I started a pair of wristwarmers before Christmas but I've forgetten where I've left them!

Kitty said...

The trees were amazing this morning, all looked like they had had sugar shaken on them - so pretty. Bluddy hard work to scrape all the ice off the car though! I hope it warms up again soon.

Your makes are gorgeous. Keep up the good work. x

Dionne said...

I'm cold just looking at those pics! My children would LOVE to live where you live, instead of across the lake from bustling Seattle, WA. so I like to share with them your posts about the horses. My daughters fell in love with your wrist warmers, they think that is the most brilliant invention ever! Maybe we can strike a deal! LOL

Indigo Blue said...

The frost was not quite to white this morning in Cornwall this morning. You have a lovely garden, I have a postage stamp! But we are going to try and make it into a lovely postage stamp this year. Lovely wool, I am using sime Rowan wool at the moment too.

LizzieJane said...

My goodness you have been haveing a really cold snap, here we are battling floods and landslides because of rain and very mild tempertures. I will try and send some warmer weather your way.

Moogsmum said...

Your photos capture these cold and frosty mornings perfectly! I am so very very glad I'm not a horse...brrrrr!

Your wristwarmers and stripey wrap are gorgeous and the applique is such a beautiful keepsake. Lovely post Maria :-)


Kerri said...

Oh my how cold it looks over there. Its hovering in the 34.c - 38.c. I cant imagine a frost at the moment. Thats when the cows start calving. Not looking forward to that. Rug up and keep warm.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Gosh you've been busy! You've done loads of craftiness!!!

Looks freezing though! Maybe you should be knitting leg warmers and scarves for the horses?!

Lucy x

Jane Moxey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are in lovely England. I was born and educated there so those pictures of your horses and the countryside were so lovely to see! LOve those wrist warmers! Nice that your fingers can be free for holding cups of tea etc!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Wasnt it just beautiful... couldnt stop looking. Didnt take any pictures, though, which is a shame. Now its all gone.
Those poor horses with frost on them!
Oh, and loved the pic of your chicken in previous post... dont they look amazing when the sun is out... lovely rich colour. We have just 2 left like that...must get some more. (Came over here from Kitty's blog.)

Joy said...

Oh you poor thing, it must be freezing over there!!! Good thing you have all your knitted lovelies to keep you warm!!!
Pop over to my blog Maria ... there's an award there for you :o).
Joy :o)

Working Mom Knits said...

FIFTY posts already?

Cold here too - but soooooo tired of hearing how it might impact the Inaguration events. All FOUR DAYS of events.