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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Lie-ins, Getting going and the winner!

Why, oh why, is it that when i have a chance, a very rare one, of a lie-in , i am wide awake about 7ish! I did go and make a cuppa and some toast and went back to bed, followed closely by Molly and Lilly, but just lay there thinking about all the things i could be doing! None of these i may add were associated with the pile of ironing, loads of washing and hoovering! I was mainly thinking about all the things i wanted to make and all the things i have to finish making!

To add to my dilemma, yesterday i went to Bath and was very naughty, but couldn't help myself, and went into the lovely quilting shop and bought this

the fabric at the top i actually bought in the Cath Kidston shop which had a sale on - it's two tea cloths and i think i may make a bag out of those.

and then i bought this too

so i have decided no more purchases until i have finished at least some of my UFOs!

I have been a bit crafty this week, and made some of these

i don't know why i had the urge to make a tea cosy - could be something to do with the fact that i drink endless cups of tea, but i don't actually use the teapot! I also made some hearts and bunting for Sara's shop. Today i am determined to do some work on a couple of quilts of want to make even if its only half an hour! and to finish at least one of the scarves i have on my needles!

Right, on to more important things - thank you all sooo much for the lovely birthday wishes and comments. I put all the names into my old straw hat, gave them a shake and a stir and the winner is someone who thought they might be too late but, obviously, she wasn't....


I will email you shortly!!!

thank you all again.

Now, i think i may have to have a huge cuppa and possibly a muffin, to summon up the energy to get a move on!!!



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Congratulations to Michaela! And lovely fabrics there Maria! Good luck with getting some of the UFOs finished!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Some beautiful fabrics there! Like your tea cosy too. Well done Michaela.

Working Mom Knits said...

Ooooo! Fabric!

ps: you may want to hold on to that gorgeous stuff until this time next week. Just in case the postie brings something fun...

Just sayin.

Kitty said...

Congratulations to Michaela.

Those fabric buys are lovely - can't wait to see what you make with them.

The tea cosy is fab - I use a teapot every day, and love my tea cosy!


dottycookie said...

Congrats to Michaela. Lovely tea cosy and scrumptious fabrics - you must be itching to start sewing them!

Kerri said...

Congrats to Michaela. And wow, what nice fabrics. They will look nice in a bag.

I haven't seen a tea cosy for a while, what a great idea. Now you will have a warm cuppa waiting for you after feeding the horse in the cold. That will warm your toes and fingers.

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely fabrics! We need to be naughty like this every one and then it relieves the stress of everyday life. Well, that is my excuse anyway!

Linda said...

Congratulations Michaela!
Great new fabrics! Loving your tea cozy! Great job!

LizzieJane said...

Congratulations to Michaela, lucky you!
I love your little tea cosy, tea tastes so much better when it is piping hot...I hate lukewarm tea!

Dionne said...

I am glad you finally got to Bath and made a wonderful purchase! I had to laugh when you mentioned your lie-in troubles. Every time I arrange for a lie-in and my family actually listens, I am up early and can't fall back asleep!anyhow, I love your fabrics.

Annie said...

I can't help myself with lovely new fabrics. Yours are gorgeous I have the same problem with UFO's

Moogsmum said...

I know just how you feel about the lie-in thing! No rush to get up this morning and I was wide awake at 7. Yesterday I had to get up for work and could happily have stayed in bed until lunchtime!!

I love your tea cosy! I may have to make us one as we drink loads of tea and rarely use the teapot.

Gorgeous fabric buys and the Amy Butler book is lovely. Before you know it you'll be making lounge pants :-)