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Tuesday, 6 January 2009


oh my god, i'm soooo cold - have just been outside for the last hour or so doing the horses - can't feel my fingers or my toes! In fact i feel just like this

i have just taken this huge piece of ice out of one of the horses buckets - this has frozen overnight so you can tell how blooming cold it was! had to take a hammer to most of their buckets!

Horses are fine - snuggled in their rugs and stuffing their hay!

As i was taking these pics Iona just had to come and see what i was up to

mind you she's in the dog house big time, as she managed to demolish her electric fencing last night - she knows she won't feel the zap (i can assure you its only a little zap!) through her rug!

Chickens are not at all impressed with this weather, although they are still laying! They find the front of the stables is a nice little sun trap and a good place for a wash and brush up!

Time to go now and thaw out! Winnie has the best idea!



dottycookie said...

My little ones were complaining bitterly about the cold on the way to school. Amazing how it didn't bother them while they were sledging yesterday!!

I'd suggest you up the zap on the fence, but that's probably a bit mean ;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Isn't it freezing?! I'm staying inside as much as possible but even then it's not very warm - probably because I nearly died with shock when I received the gas and electricity bills yesterday!

Lucy x

trashalou said...

I understand completely how cold you are feeling today. Why! I have just come inside from sitting on the verandah with CK, having a final look at the Southern Cross before he heads home tomorrow, and do you know it was so cold I had to put a long sleeved t-shirt on!

Kitty said...

I'm frozzled too! It's horrid being this cold, isn't it? x

Michaela said...

Cold, cold, cold. Freezing cold. But at least it's been sunny today. But cold. Very, very cold.


Gina said...

Hope you've warmed up! I can recommend blankets and a hot water bottle. How do I know... it was -8 deg when I walked the dog this morning!

Dionne said...

Oh, that is cold! All the snow is gone for me now. It was a big blizzard and then... gone! Funny, that. I wanted to tell you I love your new header pic, very nice.

Moogsmum said...

Our chickens' water was frozen this morning too. Monster had a great time smashing it to tiny pieces - and it still hadn't thawed by this evening!
Winnie most definately has the best idea!
Not even going to deign to remark on that Trashy's comment - pah!


LizzieJane said...

I'm shivering just reading your post, I think that little kitty has the right idea, she looks so warm and snug.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Happy New Year! Loved looking at the pics of all your nice gifts. Sorry you're cold but you could be here instead, only -27 C this morning not including the wind chill!

Kerri said...

I have forgotten how cold that is. When we start calving the cows its that cold. At the moment our temp is around 35.C - 40.C.