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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Decisions to be made

The weather has been so lovely the last week or so its been a joy to be out and about with the horses. They are loving it - at last they can have their rugs off and have a good roll and start to get rid of their winter coats!

this pic was taken at the start of the nice weather - within half an hour Iona had her rug off and has not had it back on since - she is very woolly and moulting like mad! unfortunately she has come out of the winter with a cough so she's on medication and cannot be ridden at the moment.

We have been starting to get them fit over the last month or so - we gave them the winter off as both Em and I were working and the weather was so horrible - i've gone past the days when i want to hack out in the pouring rain and blowing gale!

Unfortunately now we have to make up our minds as to what we are going to do with Em's two horses as she will be going off to Uni in the autumn and i'm just not going to have time to look after 5 horses alone! She does not want to sell them (and neither do i as they are part of our family) so the next option is to put them on loan with a good home. This is a lot harder than it sounds - firstly her little pony Mitch is a bit of a character putting it mildly! there is no harm in him but he is full of life and can often buck when going into canter as he finds it all very exciting. Although small he can carry an adult quite happily and rides bigger than he looks. He loves jumping and we find that the more work he does the better he goes. So it will have to be a very confident child or small adult who takes him on.

look at that little face - he is so handsome and looks amazing when bathed and groomed - a real show off.

Pye is a different character altogether - much more laid back

mind you, when he wants to go he can certainly get a move on! he too is a good showjumper and would give someone loads of fun. he also has a habit of escaping out of his stable - he undoes the bolt if we forget to put a catch on it!

caught in the act - almost!

Anyway for the moment i'm trying not to think of them going and am concentrating on getting them fit and having a lovely summer (hopefully!)

Right now its time to get them in, give them a feed, groom them and then Em is going to exercise them in the little school we have - and not forgetting poo picking!!! oh joy!

Hoping to find time for a bit of this later

but am crubbish at it and am finding the lingo a nightmare!! why can't they do it in plain english!
have a lovely day.


Joy said...

Oh those horses are just gorgeous ... I can understand why it's such a hard decision.
How smart is Pye though, undoing the latch to go off for a wander ;o).
Joy :o)

clare said...

Cheeky horse they are lovely though . Good luck with the crochet .
clares craftroom

Kitty said...

Gosh, that must be so difficult :-( But I can see that it's far better the horses are with someone who has the time to give them, for their own fitness as much as anything. I haven't ridden a horse in such a long time - I think I'd be too scared now!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What a difficult decision to have to make - they are beautiful - but I can understand how hard it would be to look after 5 on your own.

You'll soon be having your crochet masterclass won't you? That's sure to help! I couldn't do it until my friend Patti showed me - reading it was never going to work!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Your horses are lovely - how difficult to have to decide to part with them even temporarily.

Ladybird World Mother said...

How envious I am of all your gorgeous horses... we are deliberating getting into all of that... hard work but so worth it. Love your pics!

YankeeQuilter said...

They are both so beautiful...I can imagine that pony being a handful! I just took my first driving class (pony cart!) and am having a ball. I hope you have a memorable summer with them and find a nice home to loan them to.