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Sunday, 1 March 2009


God i hate computers! (actually i had better say that in a whisper otherwise mine will probably go awol again!) they are sooo frustrating, especially when i am technophobic! one minute it was okay and the next.... nothing!! the odd beep and that was it! first it was something to do with the modem, then the broadband thingy (yes, we had paid the bill!). But at the moment, all is calm!
sorry if i've not replied to emails - now you know the reason why and i will be in touch asap!

Am now going to spend the next hour or so catching up on what you've all been doing - got my cuppa at the ready and lots of toast - heaven!

Firstly however i have been v.v. naughty! i did say i would not buy any more fabric or yarn - wrong! bought this the other day
just gorgeous - so did make a couple of cushions yesterday.

then i bought this

the hank is Mirasol llama - it is the most softest wool i have ever felt - just amazing and i had to have it! the Rowan KSH was a bargain at £5 so that found its way into my bag too!

On the knitting front i finished some wristwarmers for two lovely people and they are winging their way to the USA - i will show pic later in case they have not arrived yet!

i wanted to make something for the Toy Society to send to Australia so i thought i have never made a doll so i'd give it a go. Turns out there's a very good reason i've never made dolls and thats because i'm no good! my attempt was at this stage

i started to get an inkling at this point that things were not going well - however i persevered and am now at this stage - (its taken about 2 weeks!)

just face and hair to do - but am worried about doing the face as it could mess up the whole doll - don't want her to frighten anyone! so will be practising a lot on bits of fabric first!

well am going to catch up with you all now - final pic - these lovely flowers - was wedding anniv yesterday!



trasha said...

I think she is rather gorgeous even without hair and a face! At least your one has clothes, mine may be going to Australia in just her undies and vest ;-)

Kitty said...

I think that doll is looking really pretty - well done you. I've never made one either. I love the one Lucy sent me for winning her 100th blog post giveaway - she sits on top of my computer table.

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr WonderWoman (!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Anniversary! The doll is great - just keep her face simple and you will be fine!!!

Lucy x

Gina said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary. It's good to see you back and the doll looks lovely.

Brenda said...

She's way cute! The Amish do not paint faces on their dolls...maybe yours could be Amish, LOL!

Dionne said...

Happy Anniversay! I received your package this morning and am waiting (un)patiently for my girls to come home from school to open it!

We picked up some lovelies for you on our trip, as well!

dottycookie said...

Oh, she's going to be so cute! Some little person will absolutely adore her.

Happy Anniversary - and hope you 'stay with us' for a while now!

Kerri said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Wonderman(?). It was mine on the 1st March.

Your doll is so cute and Im sure any little Auzzie will love it.